March 2017 3ABN World News

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  1. Valerie Schad

    I am listening to the 3ABN Radio Music Channel more than ever. My Mama, Lorraine Boccheciamp, passed away January 12, 2017. I used to talk with her throughout the day on breaks from homeschooling my boys. I now turn to the radio music channel for songs of hope and comfort. My hope looks forward in eager anticipation of Jesus Christ's return. I just heard the song "Tears are a Language," and it's true; as the song says, God weeps along with man and takes him by the hand, tears are a language God understands. Mama was my best friend, so it's going to take some time. I just need to hear over and over that Jesus is coming again and want to praise Him and be one who encourages others, until He arrives to take us home. Maybe you could have Dona Klein do a singing special, that would mean a lot to me. She has a beautiful song "After the Rain" and another "Wasted Years." I praise God that I have this new-to-me source of comfort in the 3ABN's Radio Music Channel. I'm listening and being blessed. I keep repeating John 14:1-3 and it helps. The other song that's so nice is "You Will Always Be a Child in My Eyes" by Connie Vandeman Jeffery. Thanks for helping me, while I'm temporarily parted from both my Mama and Daddy (passed in 2007). CA said that it's not so bad when someone dies in the Lord, it's a good thing. I know, but my heart still feels the sting of death.
    God bless you all,
    Val Schad