It Gets Better—and Better!

by Nikki Anderson

WURY-LP 97.1 FM is a low-power FM radio station transmitting from Phenix City, Alabama, with an effective radiated power of 23 watts. I know 23 watts doesn’t sound very powerful, but WURY-LP also has God power to boost it, so those 23 watts reach where God wants it to—Phenix City, Alabama; Columbus, Georgia; and even Fort Benning, south of Columbus!

We recently received these e-mails from WURY-LP station engineer, John Hulse:

John Hulse, station engineer.

A WURY-LP Praise Report

“Listener Request. I talked to a listener this evening and was blessed. She was so excited to receive a copy of the poem she heard in that radio program. She’s passed out 100 copies and says the response is really great. She’s a Christian lady who loves 3ABN Radio and is blessed by it.

“Here’s a God Hug for you. A couple of weeks ago I announced in church that our radio station license had been renewed. The lady and the gentleman sitting in front of me told me they were so happy to meet someone from the radio station because they both listen all the time and love 3ABN Radio. They’ve started coming to church regularly. The next week they introduced two more people who are listening, and told me there was another lady who is now coming regularly because of the radio station.

It gets even better. Recently, a prisoner at the Muscogee County Jail who listens to the station wrote in for Bible studies. My wife Nan is the local Discover Bible Studies instructor, so she sent him lessons. After a while another prisoner wrote requesting lessons—because of the first listener. That prisoner started a Bible study using the lessons and now more prisoners are requesting Bible studies. One week we received letters from two prisoners, and one had a list of nine more prisoners who wanted Bible studies! I’m awed by our great God and the love of Jesus. Two of the prisoners are requesting baptism. (God is so good!)

“I am so excited about everything happening here that I had to share it with you. God bless you all, and thank you for what you do there at 3ABN.”

John Bryant, station manager.

Updates Already!

Before this magazine went to press, John Hulse sent us more updates and new praise reports:

“The gentleman who was so happy to meet someone from the radio station is now taking Bible studies in preparation for baptism with the pastor of the Columbus First Seventh-day Adventist Church. The pastor tells me that whenever they start studying a subject, the man says, ‘I’ve already heard it on the radio, and I agree with it.’

“A member of that same church was having a Bible discussion with her neighbor. After a while the man, who is a not an Adventist, told her she should listen to a station he listens to—WURY.

“A few months ago, the pastor of the Phenix City Seventh-day Adventist Church baptized a man and his wife. WURY is the only station he listens to, and he tells everyone he meets they should listen to it. Many say they’re already listening. (It gets better!) Two of their daughters were baptized, and another is interested in attending the Adventist church. (But it gets even better!) Two of their sons have now been baptized, and a third is planning on being baptized!

“Wow, I get goose bumps when I think of the power of one small, low-power station—and the power of the Holy Spirit in using it! I stand in awe of everything that God is doing. Thanks to 3ABN Radio programming, awesome things are happening.”

Our radio affiliates thank you for your heavenly petitions every day. Amen!

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