Heavenly Rewards

Humbling and rewarding are two words that Roy and Earlenne Hunt use to describe their experience since coming to Three Angels Broadcasting Network, a ministry that touches the lives of millions of people with the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14.

“The most humbling fact of all is knowing that we will meet these precious souls as we sit at the feet of our Heavenly Father in Heaven”, Roy says, “and the most rewarding part of our service to 3ABN is talking with caring Christian people who want to put their hard-earned money to work for the Lord.”

Roy says the majority of calls they receive are from people who have reviewed their personal financial statement and realize their money is not growing under current investment plans.

“Callers are amazed when they discover their investment of money and property can be used for soul winning,” Earlenne says, “and the double blessing is when they realize that they can earn a healthy return on their investment for their personal needs.”

Roy and Earlenne Hunt (above, far left and far right) are delighted to work with those who wish to invest in the Lord’s work. Many people appreciate the confidentiality that 3ABN Trust Services provides. (Photo: Nicole Warren.)

The Best Investment

“One of the most frequent questions we get is, ‘I have a large sum of money! What is the best investment for me at 3ABN?’

“I love those kinds of questions,” Earlenne says, “because I know that explaining the Charitable Cash Gift Annuity, or a Cash Trust, will be good news for the caller!”

Just how does a Charitable Cash Gift Annuity work? If someone desires to invest in the Lord’s work, a minimum of $5,000 for a Single Annuity, or $10,000 for a Joint Annuity, could earn a 70-year-old person a fixed rate of 5.8% APR (annual percentage rate) for life. A large portion of the interest payment is tax free for up to 20 years, and a major portion of the original amount used to fund the annuity is tax deductible. The interest payments are paid monthly or quarterly, depending on the amount invested. With the fixed interest rate and tax benefits, the effective interest rate could be as high as 6.5%, and when the person passes away, the balance of the annuity goes into the Lord’s work right here at 3ABN. Here are two examples:

A 70-year-old who invests $100,000 could earn $483 each month for life.

A 90-year-old who invests $100,000 could earn $816 each month for life.

Jerry Buckelew (left) reviews the details of a document with Roy. (Photo: Nicole Warren.)


“There are other investments that afford more flexibility,” Roy adds. “A Cash Trust is designed for people who may need money for an emergency in the future. It is flexible enough to allow a single person to start a Cash Trust with a minimum of $10,000, or $20,000 for a Joint Trust. It also gives them the ability to deposit money as often as they can and allows for withdrawals in case of an emergency. They also have more freedom to list beneficiaries, in addition to Three Angels Broadcasting Network,” he adds.

Beatrice Johnston (right) discusses the advantages of the Charitable Cash Gift Annuity with Earlenne. (Photo: Nicole Warren.)

Now is the Time

The last quarter of every year is the best time to invest in a Charitable Cash Gift Annuity. Roy says, “Now is the time to take advantage of maximizing your tax deductions by funding an annuity for the year 2011.”

Earlenne adds, “It’s a wonderful way to celebrate Christ’s birth by investing in His ministry for the rest of your life. This really is ‘The gift that keeps on giving!’ ”

Differences Between a Charitable Cash Gift Annuity and a Cash Trust

Charitable Cash Gift Annuity Cash Trust
Irrevocable Revocable
Fixed interest rate Variable interest rate
Fixed interest payments for life Variable interests payments
May not add funds but can buy additional annuities May add funds at any time
May not withdraw funds May withdraw funds for emergency need
Tax benefits No tax incentives
3ABN is exclusive beneficiary Multiple beneficiaries must include 3ABN
Document fees paid by 3ABN Document fees paid by 3ABN

Property, Your Most Valuable Asset

There is another way you can financially support Three Angels Broadcasting Network. “One of the most valuable assets a person can own is their home and land,” Roy says. “Many callers tell us that their property is completely paid for, and in such instances, it can be placed into a Revocable Property Trust, which on the demise of the trustor, can be sold and the proceeds divided among the beneficiaries. Charitable intent must be the cornerstone of any trust document written for Three Angels Broadcasting Network, so when the time comes, 3ABN should be considered a major beneficiary in the distribution listing.”

“The dollars received from these trusts go immediately into the ministry of Three Angels Broadcasting Network,” Earlenne quickly adds.

The Hunts remain excited and optimistic about how God’s people fund this Christ-centered ministry. “Our supporters make all the difference by keeping 3ABN’s worldwide ministry strong,” they say, “and we believe their rewards are sure in the Heavenly Kingdom.”

What a day that will be as we meet those precious souls streaming through the gates of Heaven because of your faithful financial support of this ministry!

How to contact Trust Services

Website: Trust Services Home Page

Loma Linda Office:

Dr. Leonard & Rita Westphal
PO Box 907
Loma Linda, CA 92354

West Frankfort Office:

Roy & Earlenne Hunt
PO Box 220
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A Dream Becomes Reality
3ABN World, December 2011