Getting the Word Out

by Nikki Anderson

Having been on the air broadcasting the three angels’ messages for 12 years now, I thought you, our readers, supporters, and prayer warriors, might like to see some statistics about our affiliates. (You “numbers guys” always appreciate information like this!) As you will notice, the number of potential listeners has been increasing along with the number of known affiliate stations. I refer to them as “known” stations because occasionally we hear from someone who says they listen to a station we don’t know is airing our programming. We offer technical support for our official affiliates, plus we list them on our website so everyone knows where the signal can be picked up.

You may not live in a particular area where there is an affiliate broadcast, but you might know someone who does, so you can contact them with the information.

NOTE: We really do need to know where our signal is being broadcast, so if you are airing 3ABN Radio programming on your frequency, please let us know…. It’s still free of charge!

Total Population Coverage (3ABN Radio has 222 total affiliate stations, including four Internet streaming affiliates for which we don’t have statistics, yet.)

What You Can Do

If you live near an affiliate station, want to help out, but just don’t know what you could possibly do, here are some great ways to help market the station that are either free or very inexpensive.

Business cards can be very inexpensive to print, and quite effective when pinned to bulletin boards at truck stops and restaurants where there’s a high volume of people traffic.

3ABN will print half-page flyers about our programming, which includes local station tuning information. These can be handed out just about anywhere.

Most towns, large or small, have cable services which offer a community channel where notices can be posted. A little blurb about a Christian radio station in the area will be seen by large numbers of cable subscribers.

One affiliate copies the radio program schedule from 3ABN World magazine on plain paper each month. Then they fold the papers and place stacks of them at businesses around town.

These are just a few of the ways you can help get the word out about your local 3ABN Radio affiliate. Get creative and see what happens!

Of course, the biggest way you can help is through your prayers. God is blessing this ministry and its affiliate stations every day because of them, and we thank you!

Total 3ABN Radio Potential Listeners

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3ABN World, July 2012