“Final Revolution” Begins January 16

Human history is littered with political, social, and technological revolutions. Bible prophecy foretells the Final Revolution that will rock our world. It will be a spiritual revolution—a revolution that will radically impact human thinking and feeling about God! In this five-part series, Ty Gibson will explore the message that will eventually ignite the final revolution and bring history to its climactic point. Don’t miss Anchors of Truth: “Final Revolution,” beginning January 16, 2013 on 3ABN!

Broadcast Times for Anchors of Truth: “Final Revolution” on 3ABN:

Wednesday, January 16 – 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, January 17
– 7:00 p.m.
Friday, January 18
– 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 19
– 11:00 a.m.
Saturday, January 19
– 3:00 p.m.

All Times Listed in Central Standard Time (UTC–6). See 3ABN’s TV schedule for times in your area.

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9 Responses to ““Final Revolution” Begins January 16”

  1. noela

    Hi, I love the Anchors of Truth series but was wondering if you could put up the titles of the five presentations for us please, Thanks, Noela

  2. Beverly Johnson

    I can hardly wait to hear what Ty has to present…In the past I really admired how he presented Bible truths on Books of the Book so I know I can expect a very truthful presentation.

  3. michael

    Trying to watch 3ABN on firstlight . I have an ilder emac and it loads the plug in for Safari each time but when installed it does the same thing again when I try to run your site . As I have lone had the Ten Commandments Twice Removed It would be really nice to view you on line . Any Suggestions?
    Regards Michael

    • Clive

      Firstlight is a NZ tv station. They play some shows from 3ABN but it is only available on the FREEVIEW UHF network. They have a view online section on their website with 3ABN in one of the windows so I would suspect a problem with the link, the answer below will probably fix things otherwise I would suggest Michael uses the 3ABN website to connect.

  4. Peniel H. Nyenyesa

    Thanks a lot for the early advice. And in the last days the gospel shall be preached to every kindred, nation and tribe. We need to proclaim the message so that we will come out of Babylon and take others out of Babylon, as we near the end of the journey. God bless every effort for the success of these plans.

  5. Janet White

    God led Ty to shout aloud this glorious message to the leaders at the General Conference Annual Council. Now, he is given another "mountain top" to shout aloud this most beautiful glorious message at 3ABN! Let us pray that it will catch fire and blaze across this country and beyond!

  6. Elder Rondy G. Fleming

    I recently viewed the Anchors of Truth series "Unclean Spirits" with John Lomocang. It was truly an eye opening experience. I am now looking forward to Ty Gibson's "Final Revolution." I pray that God uses him to "cry aloud and spare not." We live in a wicked, dark world…and I feel that through this Anchors of Truth Truth series, "knowledge will increase" from these messages of hope.