A Special Encounter
In a Perfect World
Freedom of Choice
The Bus Stop Outside My Door
Thank You, Jesus!
Hitting Rock Bottom
Potiphar’s Wife
“Mysteries In Life”
Giants and the Unpardonable Sin
Should We Block His Calls?
Eating Poison
“Christ’s Birth”
“My Strong Young Man”
“In The Hollow of His Hand”
My Brother’s Keeper
A Deeper Experience
Is Your Good News Good Enough?
Wisdom at What Price?
A Bucket of Glue
Take Out the Trash!
Trail of Tears
Taking Out The Trash
Thankful It’s Him and Not Me
The Parallel
A Garden of Choices
Unexpected Gifts
Hey Houston, We’ve Got a Problem Here
Let’s Go Target!
tyrofoam Cups
Lighten the Ship
Safely Sins
Missing You
The GPS of God
God Is Our Fortress
How Many Tears Does God Shed?
Jason’s Birding Trip
The Child, Jesus
His Energy
Faithful Followers
God’s Little Black Box
In From The Cold
Trust In Our Lord
When Darkness Enters
The Bullwhip
The Dangerous Void
Jesus Means Light, Hope and Freedom
Social Evangelism
Ramblings on a Rock Tumbler
The Dumbest Words Ever Spoken By the Church
Love Brings Victory
Trail of Tears
Compelled by Compassion
The Addiction of Pride
Compassion In Competition
I’m a Card Keeper
If You Hear His Voice
Chocolate Covered Ants and Lying
Answered Prayers
And Peter
I Saw the Light

Object Lessons

I Saw the Light
Instrument Rated Christians
The Baby Bird
The Wedding Vows
The Little Things
Useless Unless Broken
Giving Our Heart to Our Lord
The Matter of the Gray Matter
The Mortarboards of Life
The Path of Least Resistance
What Is the Big Deal About Grace?
Present Help in Time of Trouble
Mishaps Happen
Peanut Butter Jars
The Good Shepherd

Kids Time Reunion Holiday Special
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One Response to “Devotionals”

  1. marlene joseph

    Thank God he is our good Shepherd when to go a start he seeks to find us. Beautiful story. May God continue to bless this ministry.