Cook:30 — A New Concept for Easy Meals


How would you like to sample the cuisine of New Zealand’s most famous healthy vegetarian café? Well here’s your chance! 3ABN’s exciting new television program Cook:30 is bringing the delicious flavors and easy cooking style of New Zealand’s Revive Cafe into your home!

Revive Café recipes

Delicious recipes from the Revive Cafés in New Zealand—now easily prepared at home!


Revive Café sits in the heart of Auckland and is the brainchild of Jeremy Dixon. Opened in 2004, the café uses plenty of fresh produce together with plant-based protein sources like beans, legumes, and tofu. Whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, and wholemeal flour are used instead of highly processed grains; date puree is used instead of sugar; and the cafe does not serve anything containing caffeine or alcohol. This formula proved so successful that four years later a second Revive Café was opened just a few blocks away, and today they serve healthy plant-based food to over 2,500 people a week!

Jeremy has dedicated his life to sharing healthy food with people, and over the ten years since launching Revive Café, he’s learned how to make delicious healthy food quickly, and at a great value. He’s shared his recipes in the best-selling Revive Cafe cookbook series, and is a regular guest on the Good Morning Show on New Zealand national television.

Chef Jeremy Dixon

Chef Jeremy Dixon demonstrates how to prepare full meals in just 30 minutes.


International Cooking

After meeting Jeremy in New Zealand, and seeing the Revive Café cookbooks, 3ABN’s Brenda Walsh invited Jeremy as a guest cook on her weekly 3ABN Today cooking program. At that time, 3ABN’s program development manager, Shelley Quinn, asked him to chat with her about his vision for a cooking show after they had finished taping. As Jeremy tells it, “I love all cooking shows, however my vision was different from any 3ABN had done before. So I told Shelley that I would love to do a show that would portray the way I cook a meal at home.” With every meal component made from scratch, and several pots on the stove at once, the program would need to be to be fast-paced. “Shelley loved the concept,” Jeremy says, “and we immediately agreed to produce the series together.


Chef Jeremy Dixon with Food

All the delicious recipes prepared on the program are available in the new Cook:30 Cookbook!


Served in Just 30 Minutes

Jeremy says that with the Cook:30 series, viewers can learn how to produce a range of meals for their family – from sumptuous leisurely breakfasts to aromatic Asian flavors and hearty hotpot dinners. Each episode will show how to cook four or five dishes from scratch, using plant-based whole foods, and have them ready to serve in just 30 minutes! But don’t worry—you don’t need to write down all the recipes during the show! The series is captured in the beautiful Cook:30 Cookbook, which contains full-color photographs of each recipe, and over 500 preparation photographs to show you how it’s done. In each of the 26 episodes, each section contains a flowchart showing when to attend to each dish in order to assemble a multi-component meal, just like a chef would. And the beauty is that each recipe is presented and indexed separately, so the book can also be used as a regular cookbook! You’ll love learning to cook fast, healthy and delicious meals with Jeremy Dixon and Cook:30!

Order your own copy of the Cook:30 Cookbook from 3ABN’s Online Store, and be sure to visit the website for recipes, videos, and more!

Story written by Nyree Tompkins.

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  2. beverly

    Love the new show Cook:30. I don't have much time to cook so it helps me with 30 minutes or more to still eat healthy. I currently taped the show while at work so I can watch later.

    Thanks 3ABN.

  3. Maxine

    I loved it, I wish it was on every day. Beautiful colors.

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    Enjoyed watching you cook healthy meals from scratch. I loved it.