Celebrating the Blessings: 3ABN Radio Turns Twelve

This month, our 3ABN Radio network celebrates 12 years of broadcasting, and God’s blessings on this network are very evident! At press time, the 3ABN Radio network consisted of over 200 radio stations, micro transmitters, and other outlets like cable companies that provide the network’s audio to their subscribers—in ten countries (that we know of)!

Nothing thrills us like hearing how 3ABN Radio blesses lives, but those who work here benefit, as well! Here’s what our 3ABN Radio staff had to say:

Jay Christian, Production Manager

Jay Christian,
3ABN Radio Production Manager

Since my arrival at 3ABN Radio late in the summer of 1999, many of the programs we air have spoken to my heart. They’ve helped me with my walk with God, but the personal testimonies have also been gratifying and a true blessing. We love serving the Seventh-day Adventist community, but our hearts are in evangelism—bringing the truths of the Bible to Christians and non-Christians alike.

In the 12 years we’ve been on the air, we’ve received countless letters, e-mails, and phone calls from listeners, telling us how they’ve been blessed by 3ABN Radio programs. Some contact us with praise, but many have questions. Others are upset when we preach something that goes against what they’ve been taught in their church. But I’m happy to hear from anyone who responds to our programs, because I know that the Holy Spirit is guiding them.

Each year our listenership has grown, especially with the addition of cell phone listening and the addition of new affiliate stations around the world. We expect our listenership will continue to grow in 2012, and we’re excited about reaching even more people with the loving and saving message of Jesus Christ.

Pam Turner, Clerical Assistant

Pam Turner,
3ABN Radio Clerical Assistant

It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve been with 3ABN Radio for over five years now. It warms my heart to know that I have a part in blessing the lives of our listeners. You keep me busy by requesting copies of our radio programs and audio CD versions of 3ABN television programs. The truth is that when I’m busy, I’m happy; and when you’re blessed, I’m blessed! So, thank you!

This year I’ve spent many hours listening to the promos we play, making sure they are what we want to air. We’re all striving to make 3ABN Radio sound better, so keep listening, and God bless you!

Norberto Liernur, 3ABN Latino Radio Production

Norberto Liernur,
3ABN Latino Radio Production

I began working in 3ABN’s pastoral ministries department more than a year ago, but last July I was asked to take part in an important new project—to reach the world through 3ABN Latino’s new Spanish-language radio network! So, in addition to my pastoral ministries duties, I’ve spent the last six months editing and adapting many different 3ABN Latino television programs that will soon begin airing on the brand-new 3ABN Latino Radio network!

I live next door to 3ABN’s original building, the Uplink Center, with my wife Betty and my three children. My wife works at 3ABN Latino television, and my daughter volunteered with 3ABN Radio last summer by helping with the phones. What a privilege it is to be part of the first Latino Radio team at this ministry, helping to proclaim the soon return of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Angela Lomacang, Production Assistant

Angela Lomacang,
3ABN Radio Production Assistant

Working at 3ABN Radio has been such a blessing to me. Recently I was interviewing Jim Hammer, the driving force behind our affiliate station, WNAR-LP FM 100.3 in Arcade, New York. After the interview, we talked about Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and patience. We also prayed with and for each other and our families. I praise God for people like Jim and his wife Joanne. They are prayer warriors who work tirelessly for the Lord.

Sometimes I’m blessed by the content of the project I’m working on, like the recent recordings of Brenda Walsh’s Bedtime Stories. They are amazing, and it was a real heart-filling project.

One of the more recent blessings came when several of us went to a prison and were surprised to learn that many of the prisoners there listen to 3ABN Radio! They tell us that our radio programming has changed their lives—praise God!

I have a sense of mission each morning as I arrive at work. This isn’t a job, it’s a sober responsibility to join with the Lord to share His wonderful message around the world. My coworkers and I have forged our work into a family environment. We work together, worship together, and pray for each other as we face our life challenges. I’m forever grateful to 3ABN for allowing me to work in the Lord’s vineyard, knowing that many souls will be in the kingdom because of God blessing our efforts.

Michael Babb, Engineer

Michael Babb,
3ABN Radio Engineer

Last month my family and I celebrated 10 years of work at 3ABN Radio, and while there have been many hills and valleys, we’ve seen God’s hand guiding us every step of the way. Working each day with our radio affiliates, listeners, coworkers, church members (and the list goes on), I see how God uses each one to strengthen my journey with Him.

I’m continually amazed to see how God uses people in this ministry to get His message out, but He doesn’t stop here. It’s incredible how He uses you, the reader, listener, or viewer, to encourage us each and every day. Whether you lift us up through your prayers, send us financial gifts that help keep this ministry going, or send words of encouragement our way, God is using you just as much as He uses any one of us!

As my family and I look back to see what God has done for us, we look forward to what He has in store for us (see Jeremiah 29:11). I encourage each one of you to do the same!

Nikki Anderson, Administrative Assistant

Nikki Anderson,
3ABN Radio Administrative Assistant

This month 3ABN Radio is celebrating its twelfth anniversary, and in just a few months, I will be celebrating my twelfth anniversary at 3ABN Radio! I arrived right between two low-power FM (LPFM) windows, and my first question was, “What are LPFM windows? And where are they?”

For those of you who don’t know what they are, let me translate: When the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) accepts applications for new station construction permits, they call them “application filing windows.” They usually last for just one week, so the “window” opens and closes very quickly!

And speaking of that, I had to learn about all this very quickly, because the general manager at the time, Theresa Boote, and I were struggling to keep up with the phone calls from people wanting more information. Some were very serious about building a radio station; others were asking us why God impressed them to call—since they were not interested in building a radio station; some wanted 3ABN to build one, and they would operate it; we even had some who wanted us to build their station so they could run another network’s programming!

Remember, we began broadcasting on February 28, 2000, and a week later, the FCC announced five (count them—five!) filing periods. They divided the U.S. into five sections with 10 states each, so we knew this was going to be a lengthy process. Even with several weeks between those windows, we were dealing with people at different stages of the process. Some were thinking about applying, some were in the process of applying, some were wishing they could apply, some had already applied and were wondering if they would get a permit, some missed their filing window and were weeping because they hadn’t listened to the Holy Spirit—all at the same time!

Those were long, busy days, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I was blessed beyond belief by all of it, and I’ve made countless friends all over this country and beyond. I’ve rejoiced with, laughed with, cried with, and prayed with so many of them. When I stop to think about it, I am humbled that God has allowed me to be part of a ministry that has stood firmly, never compromising the high standard He set for us from the beginning.

We want to honor Him by doing our best to reach the world for Jesus in every way He gives us. 3ABN Radio will continue serving Him by serving those who need enlightenment and encouragement, even as we thank Him for the blessings we receive!

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3ABN World, February 2012