Celebrate 27 Years With 3ABN!

3ABN's 27th Anniversary

Join us for a special 27th Anniversary Celebration on November 10 at 8:00 p.m. CST. Rejoice over the miracles that have made this ministry possible, and hear from those whose lives have been changed by God's grace! (Photo: Nicole Warren)

Three Angels Broadcasting Network will celebrate its twenty-seventh anniversary with a two-hour 3ABN Today Live television program beginning at 8:00 pm CST (UTC-6), and you’re invited!

The Lord has truly blessed this ministry, which He ordained and brought into existence, and ever since that night in November 1984 when He impressed Danny Shelton to build a station that would reach the world, He has provided for all our ministry needs. Who could have imagined the impact that little station would have? Who could have dared to imagine what God wanted to accomplish? And because He’s supplied every need, we cannot take any credit—we owe it all to our loving Heavenly Father, and to you!

The Mending Broken People Network

Our Anniversary Special will introduce you to many of the Shelton family members who were there in the beginning. You’ll also meet some of the workers who were called by God to come and help in those early years. What miracles they witnessed, but perhaps the most impressive stories come from those whose lives have been deeply changed through this ministry. We’ll bring you three special interviews with people who have been dramatically influenced from watching 3ABN’s Christ-centered programming, and you’ll rejoice with us as you see how the Holy Spirit changed their lives!

Our special will also include Danny Shelton singing some of the songs that were introduced early on, including “Holy Ground,” and the song that soon became a theme song for the network, “Mending Broken People.”

Don’t miss this celebration of God’s guidance and providence. Tune in for 3ABN Today Live, November 10 at 8:00 p.m. CST!

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