3ABN Cable Issues

We have been informed that many of you have lost 3ABN channel from your cable channel lineup. We apologize for this inconvenience but we were forced to change the satellite frequency feeding the cable companies. This can be resolved by your local cable provider contacting 3ABN at 618-627-4651, asking for Engineering or Marketing department, and getting the new frequency information. Please contact your local cable provider and let them know your disappointment in losing 3ABN from their lineup and ask them to change the frequency to get 3ABN back.


Here are some alternative ways to receive 3ABN programming…


Live 24/7 Streaming–3ABN.tv
Mobile Devices–(iPhone, iPad,
AndroidTM) download the 3ABN app


mySDATV–Stream 3ABN directly to your
TV,plus video on demand for the last 30 days, visit mySDATV.org


Roku–Stream 3ABN directly to your
TV, visit Roku.com


SDAdish–No monthly fee, visit


Dish Network–Channel 9393, visit dish.com


Verizon Fios–Channel 291, visit
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4 Responses to “3ABN Cable Issues”

  1. ike and Gloria ikonne

    We recently lost 3ABN, our families and friends too. Thanks for the information. We will have our cable company contact Dan.
    Gloria ikonne

  2. Karen McCabe

    I am of course disappointed to lose 3abn I don't have an android and am unable to go online to live stream as access to my computer it is not located in our main living area. Thank you for listening, may Gods word find another way to reach everyone.