C. A. Murray Conducts Evangelistic Series in Panama

CA and Irma Murray

Pastor C.A. and Irma Murray

3ABN Proclaim general manager, Pastor C. A. Murray is preaching an evangelistic series in Panama City, Panama, as congregations around the world take part in the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s initiative called Mission to the Cities. This series is part of the effort to evangelize 650 major metropolitan areas across the world by 2015, and began last year in New York City.

Pastor Jose D’Gracia, president of the East Panama Conference headquartered in Panama City extended the invitation to Pastor Murray. He will be preaching at the English-speaking Carrasquilla Seventh-day Adventist Church beginning on Friday, March 14 at 6:45 p.m. and continuing for 10 days or longer.

The Carrasquilla church is combining efforts with the Berea and Mt. Sinai Seventh-day Adventist churches, under the coordination of Pastor Jewel Jolly.

Pastor C. A. Murray gives an altar call at the Carrasquilla Seventh-day Adventist Church in Panama City, Panama.

Pastor C. A. Murray gives an altar call at the Carrasquilla Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Team Effort

“We have a team of pastors and laypeople working together, along with a large group of prayer warriors,” Pastor Murray reports. “We will also be conducting a series of meetings at the Colegio Adventista Metropolitano church school for the children every morning, and other meetings with staff and pastors in the afternoon. I’m delighted to share duties with the children’s meetings with my wife Irma, who is originally from Panama. We look forward to a rich harvest of souls for God’s kingdom!”

The Carrasquilla Seventh-day Adventist Church is located on 62nd Street East in Carrasquilla, a district of Panama City.

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  1. Teresa

    Praise the Lord for such an event. May the Lord continue blessing Pastor CA, Irma, and 3ABN, too.