Belize Radio Update

Recently we received an update about Faith FM Radio in Belize from Junior and Addy Borland. I was so happy to read the praise reports that I thought, What better way to share them with you than directly from the newsletter? 

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The Borland family (left to right): Windell Jr., his daughter Genesis, wife Addy, mother Arseña, and son Windell III. (Photo: Angela Lomacang.)

Old Witness, New Baptism:

“I would like to share this heartwarming testimony with you. I pray that it will thrill your heart to know that the Holy Spirit is still moving and converting lives for the kingdom of God. Many times, I asked myself the question, Is there anyone listening? Well, this short testimony convicted me that yes, our daily effort to share God’s Word over the radio is not in vain.

“A few weeks ago my wife Addy received a phone call from a church sister informing her that there was a lady in a wheelchair wanting to talk to her. Upon visiting her home, we found out that Rosalia had been faithfully listening to the radio station for many years. But all this time she had been resisting the Sabbath truth. Finally, on October 21, 2011, she heard a message from Pastor Stephen Bohr in a program on the radio, and there and then, she began to tremble and cry. She said, ‘Lord, for all these years I have been resisting You, but You have spared my life to this day—I shall follow You now.’ A week later she was baptized in her wheelchair!

“About 30 years ago my father began sharing the truth about the Sabbath day with this lady, but she kept ignoring it. My father died several years ago, so he never had the opportunity to see her accept the truth. But I believe that when Jesus comes the second time my father will be happy to know that she accepted the Lord and was saved. Praise the Lord!

“Testimonies and experiences such as these are Heaven’s rewards for our endless hours of work. As we go forward this year, our success will depend upon our faithfulness in continuing to trust our Lord, and remembering the many ways He has blessed us in the past.”

Rosalia Salazar joins the Seventh-day Adventist church after hearing a message on Faith FM Radio. (Photo: Addy Borland.)

The Sun Replaces Diesel

“For some time now, Faith FM has been trying to reduce its weekly expense on diesel fuel for its repeater station up on the mountain. Well, God has blessed us with some solar panels, and I am very happy to share some pictures of the installation. So far, the solar panels have really proven a wise choice and have already reduced our weekly diesel fuel expense. We are happy to say thank you!”

New solar panels are installed at Faith FM Radio in Belize. (Photo: Addy Borland.)

Fed by solar power, this bank of batteries is reducing Faith FM’s diesel fuel expense. (Photo: Addy Borland.)

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I have to believe you are reading this and shouting, “Amen” right now! Thank you all for your prayers and support for our radio affiliates.

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  1. Sharon Covington

    What a wonderful story! I love the solar power…I have plans to find a way to have our Juniors class raise money to help supply raios through AWR, so this is an awesome testimony to use.
    God Bless!