ASI 2013: It’s Time to Be About Our Father’s Business

As a member of Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) organization, 3ABN has been privileged to broadcast their International Convention for many years. This year’s event will be held August 7–10 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida, where ASI members, supporters, and friends from all over the world will gather to encourage each other and exchange ideas on how to effectively share Christ in their personal and professional interactions.

During this energetic and inspiring gathering, networks will be formed and plans will be made that one individual or institution could never accomplish alone. And best of all, friendships will be made that will last for eternity!

This year’s special emphasis, “Prophecy Fulfilled,” will feature session presentations by C. D. Brooks, Mark Finley, Ty Gibson, Pavel Goia, and ASI president, Frank Fournier. Seminars will cover outreach, prophecy, health, and other inspirational topics with Doug Batchelor, Michael Hasel, John Bradshaw, Lewis Walton, Scott Mayer, and other gifted presenters.

From Every Walk of Life

This unique and diverse group of approximately 800 members includes Adventists from every walk of life—business owners, individual professionals, and supporting ministries—and their enthusiasm is contagious!

“The ASI Convention is the highlight of our year,” says Jesse Johnson, president of, a software training and support company in Fredericktown, Missouri. “My family looks forward to ASI conventions each year. They help us stay focused on our mission, and it’s a phenomenal opportunity to stay on track.”

“I come away from ASI awed by the amazing stories I’ve heard of how God is revealing Himself in everyday circumstances, through everyday people,” says Pat Arrabito, owner of LLT Productions in Angwin, California. “I walk through the exhibit hall, seeing the things people are doing for God—things I might never have thought of, things unique to the individuals who do them—and I want to add my widow’s mite and my energy to every one of them! It’s a wonderful thing to get a glimpse of God working in ways and places you’d never thought of, or realized!”

“Attending ASI is the most rewarding experience in my life,” says Ray Huang, a technology manager at an alternative energy company. “It’s all about helping people reach Christ. A couple of years ago, I attended a convention and met Keith Parris who heads up the Satellite Ministry of the Twin Peaks Seventh-day Adventist Church in Louisville, Colorado. With his help I started this ministry within my own church in Denver, and we’ve enabled more than 20 families to watch 3ABN. There are many encouraging stories we’ve heard from people reaching Christ through this ministry.”

Make plans to watch 3ABN’s extensive coverage of this year’s ASI Convention from Orlando, Florida, and prepare to be inspired!

(Special Thanks to Conna Bond for providing the information for this article.)

3ABN Broadcast Times for ASI 2013

Wednesday, August 7 – 6:30–9:00 p.m.
Thursday, August 8 – 7:00–11:00 p.m.
Friday, August 9 – 7:00–9:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 10 – 9:00–10:30 a.m.; 10:45am–12:30 p.m.; 4:00–6:00 p.m.

NOTE: All times Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).

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8 Responses to “ASI 2013: It’s Time to Be About Our Father’s Business”

  1. samantha gordon

    the stories are inspiring. it allow me to asses my mine and know there is much more i can do to witness. i come to recognised that not only giving a bible studies is witnessing. thank God for this ministery. i am bout to start my own witnessing project.

  2. Ansel Thompson

    Christendom is in crisis, it is obvious from the confusion and disaccord among the various Christian branches. There is an urgent need for a review of all Christian scriptures and teachings as there are obvious serious problems in the Christian religion regardless of which branch one belongs to. Christianity while successful in instilling moral values into its members has failed to deliver the promised salvation and divine kingdom, prophetic times have been completed and there is no second coming of Jesus, Christendom is in a crisis that must be admitted and solutions sought.

    • Donna Murray

      Re: Christianity in crisis. The reason that Jesus Christ has not come yet is because of Christians.
      We are not doing our jobs. Instead of of all the petty bickering and nonsense that goes on in our churches, we should be about our father's business. It is high time to finish this work so Jesus can come. Our Lord is lingering because WE are not ready. But I can tell you from the fast ful-
      filling signs that it won't be much longer.God is wrapping this up. To Christians everywhere,
      let's finish this work so we can go Home!!!

  3. Evans Kaluba

    ASI is a blessed project to mobilize resources to preach the everlasting gospel- preparing people for the second advent. I enjoy watching and listening to inspiring messages from different speakers. I long to join this annual event in the near future.
    Your brother in Africa.

  4. Manuek Aquino

    Jesus expects you, me and those who will be heirs of salvation watch this special events. I am thrilled that the Lord will be revealing to His people about his immenent return to earth. May the Lord bless His remnant Seventh Day Adventist Church.

  5. Hermionne Romeo

    Greetings brethren, let us with God's help go and witness as Jesus' method. Matthew 29:19-20. I want to go home don't you. Let us be united as in John 17. God loves us and if it is His will, let us finish this work in this generation.Much love your sister.

    • Hermionne Romeo

      I am sorry my computer is acting up. The correct Scripture is Matthew 28:19-20

  6. Danny Strever

    Fellow Warriors,
    We have been greatly blessed by the annual gathering of ASI.

    The many projects that have been incubated at this gathering have changed the lives of millions for the better. A perfect example is the one day church/school project that has impacted lives worldwide.

    This is the year that we are joining ASI as members. I would like to give a personal invitation to you to join us in becoming new ASI members. Perhaps you have been members in the past, I would encourage you to rejoin ASI. Together we can finish the work that the Lord has allowed us to partake in.

    We look forward to meeting many of you in Orlando. Come by and say hello and visit a while at the Philippians Two Five Publishing booth.

    Your fellow servant,
    Danny Strever