A Nice Round Number

by John Dinzey

Last March I traveled to Cartagena, Colombia, to participate in a cable convention called Andina Link. This type of gathering provides us with the opportunity to talk to cable executives that come to these conventions to see new equipment, attend industry seminars, and visit the booths of channels and networks that may be of interest to them.

I was grateful to have the assistance of Manuel Ortiz, one of our volunteer representatives from Guatemala this year. It was inspiring to see Manuel talking to cable executives with such interest and enthusiasm.

“For me it’s impressive when a cable company adds 3ABN Latino to their channel lineup,” he says. “If they have 10,000 subscribers, at an estimated four people per household, they represent another 40,000 people that will have the opportunity to hear the message of hope—through just that one cable company. That’s exciting! I enjoy my work as an attorney,” he continues, “but I receive more satisfaction when I help 3ABN because I know what I do will help advance the preaching of the gospel.”

A Nice Round Number

On the second day, near the end of the convention, Manuel said, “Well John, I am happy that we’ve been blessed with 36 new cable affiliates. I believe this is very good, because there are less cable operators here than last year.”

When I heard that, I said, “Yes, glory to God! That’s good, but I don’t know. I kind of wish we had reached 40 because it’s a nice round number.”

“Yes, it would have been good,” he answered, “but 36 is really excellent!”

“Yes, it is excellent.” I answered.

It was close to 5:00 p.m., so Manuel decided to walk around the convention hall one last time. While he was gone, two people passed by our booth. I greeted them and told them about 3ABN Latino, and praise God, after they heard about our network, they agreed to add us to their company lineups! When Manuel heard this, he was delighted.

It was now time to dismantle our booth, but just as we started to put things away, someone else showed up and asked about our channel. After our presentation, he also signed up to include 3ABN Latino in his lineup!

We continued to put things away and another person showed up asking the same thing. Then another, and another! As we were putting away our last banner, another person showed up and asked, “Is it too late to know more about your channel?”

“No!” we both said in unison, and after Manuel’s presentation, the man added 3ABN Latino to his lineup, too.

An Investment in Souls

By the end of the day 47 new affiliates had decided to add 3ABN Latino, and several others were going to decide later on! This new affiliate list now includes cities in Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Guatemala. We praise God that tens of thousands of souls will now have the opportunity to receive the good news of salvation through 3ABN Latino.

3ABN offers satellite receivers and modulators free of charge to cable companies so they can receive and add our network to their lineup. Each of these represents an investment of about $400, a very small price for the thousands of souls who will be saved and blessed! Won’t you prayerfully consider sponsoring a satellite receiver and modulator, so we can reach one more city and the thousands of people who still need to hear the message of salvation through Jesus Christ?

We also ask for your prayers on behalf of our work. We want to be included in more local channels, cable companies, satellite dish systems, IPTV systems, and radio stations this year than ever before.

Jesus is coming soon. We want to tell the world!

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