A Family Affair

Above: A beautiful rainbow encircles KRJE FM’s radio tower. “His banner over me is love,” says Dan Bonjour, station manager.

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by Nikki Anderson

“I  had a dream to build a radio station many years ago back in the 1980s, but over the years and for various reasons it never happened—until 2007,” Daniel Bonjour begins. “That year the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) offered the public the opportunity to apply for construction permits to build full-power radio stations.”

Dan and his wife Sue realized they were finally able to pursue his dream, so they built KRJE 89.9 FM, a 1,050-watt radio station.

Right: The KRJE FM team (front row, left to right): Dan Bonjour, Richard Bonjour; (back row, left to right): Sue Bonjour, Dannia Birth. (Photo: Dan Bonjour.)

Pitching In

Dan and Sue live on a farm outside the town of Fayette, Iowa. They own a radio communications business, selling and installing radio equipment for public safety departments in a four-county area. Dan, who is the station manager, consulted his family members and church family, expressing a desire for their help and his hope to have them involved. So what did they do? They rolled up their sleeves and pitched right in to help!

“I’m sort of the secretary for KRJE,” Sue says, “and I keep the station in compliance with the FCC.” She’s also very adept at transitioning from filing to sweeping the floor on short notice!

Richard Bonjour, Dan’s brother, is the station’s assistant manager. Although he has a full-time job as a registered nurse, Dan says, “He helps keep the station running if I have to be gone.” Richard also has a computer at home that is linked to the station’s production computer, allowing him to do some production work offsite.

Dannia Birth, who is married to Dan’s nephew, comes to the station two days a week to help with programming and scheduling. “She’s a real asset to the station!” Dan says.

Many church family members support the radio station financially and help out at the station in various ways. They man the station when Dan and Sue have to be gone, review programs for air, and do voice work for introductions and special events. “What a blessed time we had recording a special Christmas presentation last year!” Sue says.

“We’ve had numerous people from the surrounding community respond to the station and programming with positive comments,” Dan says, “and there’s been one request for Bible studies by correspondence that I know of. On a couple of occasions I have heard the radio station playing in the background at local businesses, and one of our listeners has been coming to church and worshiping with us regularly.

“People are being blessed for Jesus,” he continues, “and our signal reaches farther than I would have thought. Twenty-five miles is a good signal, but I have been able to pick ours up as far away as 35 to 40 miles!” I told Dan that our former 3ABN Radio operations manager, Jim Morris, once stated that this message is going to go where God wants it to go, and Dan replied, “I’m fully convinced of that!”

Dan tells us others are listening, and that is very encouraging. “Our pastor, Garry Birth, of the Hawkeye Seventh-day Adventist Church, reports that other local pastors tell him at the area ministerial meetings that they’re listening and like what they hear,” he says.

Please keep Dan, Sue, and the KRJE team in your prayers, along with all the 3ABN Radio affiliates. Thank you!

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