A Dream Becomes Reality

A long-cherished dream will soon become reality next month as 3ABN launches the new Dare to Dream Network on the G-19 satellite that covers all of North America. Beginning January 1, 2012, the new network will begin bringing the gospel and life-changing programming to millions of potential viewers.

“The time has come to share the gospel in a more focused way with the inner cities,” says network general manager, Yvonne Lewis. “It seems that God is directing the focus of 3ABN and the church at large to meet the urban challenges. Inner city residents need the tools to address problems of poverty, crime, chronic disease, and the erosion of the family. We have the answer in Jesus, and we want to make Him irresistible to our viewers as we give them the tools for living.”

New Programming

With four other networks sharing 3ABN’s studios, it has been difficult to produce the amount of programming required for this launch. However, as in the days when 3ABN was first launched, the Lord has provided.

“As I’ve traveled to various churches around the country, I’m often led by the Spirit to speak with different people, inviting them to join us in producing programming,” Yvonne says, “and I’m amazed whom the Lord brings to me.

“Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama, is producing three programs for us: Living Testimonies, featuring rich stories of God’s grace and goodness; Pure Choices, a program on sexual purity with a live student audience; and Health Guard, a program of practical information on preventative health.

“Another producer in Michigan is producing Making It Work, a relationship program featuring a clinical psychotherapist couple who will focus on marriage, parenting, blended families, infidelity, and other common family challenges. This producer is also working on For Guys Only, a program for men that examines their unique concerns.

“Here in our studios we’ve produced A Taste of Paradise,” Yvonne continues. “This is a program featuring both raw and cooked food preparation, as well as important health tips. We’ve also produced Magnify Him, a program of gospel music, anthems, and songs of worship and praise, and The New Journey, a program for ex-offenders hosted by an ex-offender who’s on fire for the Lord! Then there’s Take It to the Bank, a Christian money management program that focuses on budgeting, stewardship, and the application of biblical principles in all our financial affairs.

“We have many more programs in the works,” Yvonne adds, “and it’s exciting to see how God is bringing everything together. We’re working hard to make cable companies aware of this unique network. It’s minority-focused, and very socially relevant. We’ve already had some cable providers call us—and to me that indicates that this is a network whose time has come!”

An Urban Initiative

Yvonne reports that 3ABN’s Dare to Dream Network is working with the Seventh-day Adventist Church on an upcoming urban initiative to reach the large urban centers of this country and the world. “I find it providential that Dare to Dream is launching in the same year as the church is launching their initiative,” she says. “It seems to me that God is shining His light into the inner cities, calling millions out of darkness! To me it is no coincidence that we’ve been invited to collaborate with the church in this way. Jesus is coming soon, and He’s unwilling that any should perish.

“As I’ve worked with Dare to Dream, my faith has increased substantially because these things could not have happened without God’s intervention. I used to hear the miracle stories about 3ABN, and now the Dare to Dream miracles are taking place. I know this is what God would have us do at this time in earth’s history, because He confirms it daily!”

God Keeps Things Going
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