3ABN Historic Broadcast From Israel Coming November 23

In the early hours of November 15, 1984, Danny Shelton was impressed to build a television station that would reach the world with the undiluted three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. A carpenter by trade, Danny lacked any formal education in television, but he had deep faith that where God guides, He provides. Just two years later, on November 23, 1986, Three Angels Broadcasting Network lit up the sky with its first satellite broadcast to the glory of God!

Danny Shelton surely knew he could not have accomplished this using his human strength, but just as David said as he took the fight to Goliath, “The battle is the Lord’s!” He did not go into battle with a sword and shield, but with the assurance that God was with him.

RRsat headquarters in the Valley of Elah, Israel. From here 3ABN's signal is beamed all over the world!

RRsat headquarters in the Valley of Elah, Israel. From here 3ABN’s signal is beamed all over the world! (Photo: J. D. Quinn)

Historic Broadcast

3ABN will soon be sounding another battle cry against the evil one who has brought suffering to mankind and kept so many in spiritual darkness. Our first broadcast from Israel will take place from the Valley of Elah—the very battlefield where David defeated Goliath! This valley is home to 3ABN’s largest satellite uplink and fiber optic provider, and we believe it is a fitting place to rededicate ourselves and redouble our efforts to reach the world. This time we will light up the skies over Russia with the everlasting gospel as we throw the switch and begin broadcasting the 3ABN Russian network via the Yamal 300 satellite to the 200 million potential viewers in the former Soviet Union countries!

Although David defeated the giant, it took all the forces to put the enemy to flight, and all God’s people took part in the victory. In the same way, we must all enter the battle together, and we want you to join us in declaring victory for the Lord! Please don’t miss this special two-hour historic broadcast!

3ABN in Israel
Saturday, November 23, 2013

On 3ABN at 8:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.
On 3ABN Proclaim! at 11:00 a.m., 5:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m.
All times Central Standard Time (UTC–6).

December Anchors of Truth Series Focuses on Righteousness by Faith
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10 Responses to “3ABN Historic Broadcast From Israel Coming November 23”

  1. Shari Jones

    I'm so excited for what our Lord and Savior is doing through the wonderful people of 3ABN! I so wish that I too could be in The Valley of Elah with them, but I'm happy and grateful that I will at least be able to watch from home. My prayers are ever with them. I also pray that anyone who may read this message please join me in reading both Psalm chapter 23 and 24 everyday until the 3ABN team go on air, live from that biblically awesome valley.

  2. Gloria Fisher

    I am thanking God for this opportunity I have to watch this wonderful network. I am able to watch via TV or Internet. I pray that through this wonderful broadcast many more souls will hear The Three Angels' Messages and be led to glorify God. God continue to bless and keep us all true and faithful to Him.

  3. marcia

    Psalm 98 encourages God's children to sing praises to Him because the right hand of God has reached out and the battle is already won. There is victory in the mighty name of JESUS.

  4. Grace C.ampbell-Swiel

    May God continue to flourish 3ABN. I am excited about this great victory,it's God timing for GOD's people. To all the staff of Three Angels Broadcasting Network, may God's powerful hands cover you all.
    I do hope and pray that as this network goes from strength to strength. Like a mighty angel from Heaven, strongholds of Satan will be torn down, and the name of Jesus will continue to be proclaimed to every length and breadth of this earth, may God bless you all.

  5. Basdil van Lange

    This is exciting news. I look forward, egerly to seeing the programme. God be with you.

  6. Jose Jacques

    Felicitation a tous les equipes de 3ABN, que Dieu vous benisse et vous donne du courage pour continuer a proclamer le Message des Trois Anges dans le Monde entier. Felicitation 3ABN.
    (English): Congratulation to all the 3ABN team. God bless you and give you courage to continue to proclaim the three angels' messages around the World. Congratulations 3ABN.

  7. Donna Elysee

    Praise the Lord. ! I am thankful that the message will go to my brothers and sisters in Russia. Who knows,. It just might get to my immediate family, by some miracle,, and change their lives as well. God be praised

  8. April Worf

    As the wife of a 3 ABN employee, my heart is warmed and energized as I read these posts of praise to God and blessings on those who work at 3ABN. Being a part of this team through my husband is an honor and blessing. Daily, we here at 3ABN are on a spiritual battleground (I call it a "war zone") and the prayers of the listening & viewing audiences are greatly needed and appreciated. God bless all His children as we press forward in victory for Christ.

  9. William Vah

    I am a beautiful and happy recipient of the many blessings of the Lord thru 3ABN.Thanks.

  10. Irma Anderson

    We (her 8 children) sent my Mom with 3ABN on this wonderful and historic trip for her 75th birthday. She loves 3ABN and always wanted to walk where Jesus walked. As I looked at this broadcast on how 3ABN will be able to reach millions more people in spreading the three angels' message and saw my Mom sitting there in the audience, my eyes filled with tears of joy at what God can do with those who desire to do His will and follow where He leads. Congratulations to 3ABN and Happy Birthday to my Mom on the fulfillment of God's will!!