3ABN On YouTube Grows In Popularity

When it comes to spreading the gospel, 3ABN is committed to exploring every avenue to reach souls for the Kingdom. We are currently using many of the social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. These are especially adapted to share short messages, video clips, photos, and programming information.

3ABN on YouTubeHowever, our newest focus is on making our programming available for free on YouTube, a website that has become one of the most widely used media platforms on the Internet. With over a billion users (or almost one-third of everyone on the Internet), people watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos every day, and YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-olds than any U.S. cable network. Over half of their views come from mobile devices. Our goal is to stream live events in their entirety, when the program length does not fit our available broadcast time. This means that programs from ASI conventions and GYC Conferences that run longer than scheduled will still be available. In addition, we now stream a live 3ABN feed on our YouTube Channel.

“We would be grossly negligent of our responsibility to hurting humanity if we didn’t broadcast the gospel of Jesus Christ by every means available,” says Mollie Steenson, 3ABN’s vice president and general manager. “3ABN passionately believes we must use every avenue available to reach more souls for the Kingdom of God.”

It’s important to know that those who subscribe to 3ABN’s YouTube channel know that by signing up for notifications, they will be alerted when new programming is uploaded. They can also find a live network stream there, as well.

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