3ABN World, October 2012

[download_box]3ABN World, October 2012, is now available for download in PDF format. (Click this link to download.)[/download_box]


  • Page 6: Focused on the Message: The message of the true, everlasting gospel
  • Page 18: Ultimate Purpose: Elevate your faith from theory to reality
  • Page 20: “Like I’ve Been Here All My Life”: Buck knew the Holy Spirit wanted him there
  • Page 36: My Aching Stomach: Give it a break!
  • Page 38: Recipe: Spicy Lentils: Perfect for a “haystack” or taco salad
  • Page 40: Soaring: The soaring birds brought him back to earth
  • Page 44: From Jeopardy to Redemption:  God will not allow His plans to fail

Plus our usual department updates from 3ABN Radio, 3ABN Latino, and Dare to Dream, our broadcast schedules, and more.

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