3ABN World, January 2013

[download_box]3ABN World, January 2013, is now available for download in PDF format. (Click this link to download.)[/download_box]

Special Expanded Issue, 2012 Year in Review! Features:

  • Page 6: The Best Is Yet to Come! The future is bright
  • Page 20: 3ABN Russia: 20 Years of Ministry: See what God has accomplished!
  • Page 22: 3ABN Australia: We’re Rejoicing: New facilities provide exciting opportunities
  • Page 24: A Seven-Fold Blessing: How God multiplied the channels
  • Page 26: Our Future Is Tapeless: Amazing new tools make production easier
  • Page 28: Something Was Missing: They found their answers on 3ABN
  • Page 44: Growing Kids for Jesus: You can’t put a price tag on a soul
  • Page 50: The Best Protein: The secret of cooking legumes
  • Page 52: Peel-a-Pound Soup: Lose those holiday pounds
  • Page 54: Lessons From a Leper: The things you learn by reading a story again!
  • Page 60: Now Is the Time: Create your own Win-Win Experience
  • Page 62: You Thought of Us: Your support makes a world of difference

Plus our usual department updates from 3ABN Radio, 3ABN Latino, and Dare to Dream, our broadcast schedules, and more.

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