3ABN World, April 2013

[download_box]3ABN World, April 2013, is now available for download in PDF format. (Click this link to download.)[/download_box]


  • Page 6: They Love to Serve: Their loving service means the world to us!
  • Page 18: The Center of the World: New Israel Tour and live broadcast from Jerusalem
  • Page 20: Testimonies From the Road: This trucker had a story to tell
  • Page 36: Caring For Your Feet: Take care of your pair
  • Page 38: Rocío’s Barley Soup: Try it–you’ll like it!
  • Page 40: The Hardheaded Prophet: It took awhile—but he finally got the message
  • Page 44: God Chooses a Bride: An amazing arranged wedding

Plus our usual department updates from 3ABN Radio, 3ABN Latino, and Dare to Dream, our broadcast schedules, and more.

Coming Soon: Spring Camp Meeting 2013
3ABN World, March 2013