Religious Liberty Sabbath Live on 3ABN – January 26, 2013

Don’t miss our Religious Liberty Sabbath program with Lincoln Steed on Saturday, January 26 at 11am Central, live on 3ABN television. Lincoln is the host of the Liberty Insider television program, and is the Associate Director for Public Affairs and Religious Liberty for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

His sermon, entitled, “Dare to Stand Alone,” will focus on the challenges God’s people face in the United States and around the world. People like Antonio Monteiro, a church worker who has been jailed in Togo for ten months now, on charges of leading a murder ring—even though no evidence has been given, and Pastor Anthony Alexander, an Adventist teacher in Sri Lanka who was put on trial 14 years ago for terrorism, largely because of his ethnicity and membership in the church.

The Importance of Religious Freedom

Why is all this important? Because religious liberty is our first freedom—given by God to Adam and Eve. Beginning with them, He has always given us the right to choose whether or not to follow Him.

Religious liberty was also the first freedom expressed in the United States Bill of Rights. The search for the ultimate meaning in life is the most sacred part of human experience, and repressing that is really an attempt to extinguish the core of the human soul.

We must vigilantly guard this precious freedom against economic convenience, misguided calls to sacrifice liberty for security, and aggressive attempts of activists to impose their agendas at the expense of our most sacred right.

We urge you to speak to your pastor, and make our live broadcast part of your worship service. Religious Liberty Sabbath will air as a live, one-hour television program on Saturday, January 26 at 11am Central Standard Time (UTC–6).

The Bible says our religious liberty will eventually be taken away, so we urge you to do all you can to preserve it. Please pray that God will preserve our liberty for as long as possible.

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    This program on Religiious Liberty is very exciting and spirit uplifting indeed. But then I need a copy of the sermon for my local church in Oba, Onitsha Nigeria. Most times, we get materials after one year, even more than a year, and members keep wondering why we in Africa always get our own materials late. However, I hope that this year will be better. My goodself and family members are born Adventists, and we are proud to be Adventist.