3ABN Russia Launches on Satellite—and Cable, Too!

3ABN Russia’s television signal was recently launched on the Yamal-300K satellite and has already been picked up by Tele-Networks, a cable company that covers the city of Pskov, not far from St. Petersburg in northern Russia. “The company covers 11 cities with a combined population of 660,000 people, and the broadcast began on December 1—just eight days after our satellite launch,” says Julia Outkina, 3ABN Russia’s executive director. “Praise, praise, praise the Lord. Glory be to His name!” she continues. “I’m writing this with tears in my eyes, and I want to thank all those who have helped bring about this miracle of the Lord!

Despite the difficulties Protestant organizations face in Russia, Julia says the majority of cable companies they’ve reached out to have asked for sample programming. “And of those who initially said no, several of them have asked to be contacted again when some of their previous programming contracts expire. We are currently working on agreements with nine more companies and actively pursuing the largest cable companies in the former ex-Soviet Union. We are also working with all the church leaders in Russia, showing them how 3ABN Russia can easily be used for evangelism in large cities. We pray for the Lord’s guidance, and we thank 3ABN and everyone who supports its worldwide endeavors to reach every soul for Christ!”

3ABN president, Jim Gilley, shares Julia’s enthusiasm. “Since I joined 3ABN, very few things have excited our viewers as much as the Russian satellite project,” he says. “The response and support we’ve received is tremendous, and it is truly inspiring to see God’s people become involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. It has helped us realize once again how serious our Lord is about bringing His children home!”

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