3ABN Russia Launches New Streaming Radio Service

On February 1, 2012, Three Angels Broadcasting Network’s Russian division launched a brand new 24-hour streaming Internet radio service to complement their existing television programming.  Now, Russian-speaking listeners all over the world will have access to a wide variety of Christ-centered programming including health, Bible study, inspirational music, and children’s programming, just to name a few. 3ABN Russia Radio offers listeners the opportunity to hear Christian programming online at any time of the day that’s convenient for them.

“So far we have produced about 750 hours of radio programming, but local radio stations use no more than nine minutes each per week from us,” says Irina Kirichenko, 3ABN Russia Radio manager and program developer.  “Although our programming is carried on nearly 40 stations, it doesn’t give us much air, soour dream has always been to have a Russian language Internet radio streaming service that runs 24 hours a day.  Thanks to 3ABN’s dedication to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the nations, our dream has now came true!”

Among the diverse programming, 3ABN Russia Radio produces Heavenly Rays, a program of short children’s stories, Thoughts Aloud, covering topics of everyday Christian life, and an interactive program featuring listeners’ questions and answers from the Bible called, The Pastor and The Word.

Vadim Trusyuk, 3ABN Russia Radio’s program director says he has a long list of people to thank. “We’re thrilled that 3ABN Russia Radio is now reality,” he says. “I want to especially thank Moses Primo, Jay Christian, and Michael Babb at 3ABN’s headquarters in America, and Alexey Bochkarev here at 3ABN Russia, for their invaluable help. I praise the Lord for this tremendous blessing!”

The link to 3ABN Russia Radio is 3angels.ru/air/radio. Please help us stretch the reach of the gospel by sending it to all your friends who speak Russian, and pray that God will bless the programming to reach precious souls for Christ.

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