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107.1 FM – Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Andrew Roux is the owner of our new affiliate station in ­Red Beach, Auckland, New Zealand, and we’re thrilled that he’s recently joined our affiliate station family! He broadcasts over the friendly airwaves from this land of many sheep, and if you’re one of the 10,000 potential listeners in his coverage area, we hope you’ll tune in to 107.1 FM for 3ABN Radio’s Christ-centered programming! Thank you to all our New Zealand and Australian affiliates for helping spread the gospel in your corner of the world!

Construction on the new radio station in the South Bahamas Conference in Nassau, Word FM 88.3. (Photo: Danhugh Gordon.)

Word FM 88.3 – Nassau, Bahamas

3ABN Radio welcomes Word FM 88.3, a new station owned by the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Nassau! This station, covering a population of 350,000, was in the process of being built as we went to press and should be on the air as you read this! If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out and let them know you’re enjoying the programming!

Pastor Jason Belyeu is one of the voices of our newest low-power FM affiliate, WIAR-LP 100.5 FM, in Hilton Head, South Carolina. (Photo: Scott Estep.)

WIAR-LP 100.5 FM – Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island is the location of our newest low-power FM affiliate, WIAR-LP 100.5 FM. The station has been broadcasting other programming, but soon 3ABN Radio will be traveling over its radio waves, reaching a potential audience of 30,000 new souls for the kingdom! We are thrilled to be working with Pastor Jason Belyeu at WIAR-LP 100.5 FM.

KSDQ 88.7 FM, located at Sunnydale Academy in Centralia, Missouri, has recently “graduated” from a low-power to a full-power station! (Photo: Micky Bukett.)

KSDQ 88.7 FM – Centralia, Missouri

Sunnydale Seventh-day Adventist Academy is located in Centralia, Missouri, and so is KSDQ 88.7 FM.

The academy has owned and operated a lo­w-power FM radio station there for the past several years, and during that time, the Federal Communications Commission gave them the opportunity to apply for a construction permit to build a full-power station at the academy.

The radio board applied, God made a way for it to happen, and they recently “graduated” from  low-power to full-power evangelism.

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