3ABN Radio Celebrates its 14th Anniversary

This year marks 3ABN Radio’s fourteenth anniversary, and we praise God for the hundreds of affiliate stations around the world who bless potential millions of listeners each day with our Christ-centered programming.

However, visitors to 3ABN Radio are often puzzled when they come to the end their studio tour, and ask “So where is the rest of your staff?”

They’re always surprised when we say, “This is it. We’re a network of three full-timers, two part-timers, and one who works with us occasionally!”

How can this be? The simple (and complete) answer is: God makes it possible!

Jay ChristianJay Christian – 3ABN Radio general manager, program director, traffic director, and production director

“I spend most of my time in production, since our greatest challenge is to keep our content fresh. We work hard to achieve a balance of Christian thinking with evangelistic, health, family, and even children’s programming. Throughout every program, we do our best to introduce them to Jesus. Our greatest joy comes when a listener tells us they have found a church family to worship with. We see this firsthand as we watch our local FM station listeners join the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church. They want to be mentally challenged, so although we play some Christian music, most of our programs present solid Bible truths. Those who follow along in their Bibles make solid and deep commitments for the Lord!”

Nikki Anderson
Nikki Anderson – 3ABN Radio administrative assistant, affiliate relations

“Thirteen years ago I came to visit friends who were taping a television program, and out of the blue, my friend asked for an employment application—for me! I filled it out, and just as I headed for the door, 3ABN’s vice president, Mollie Steenson, chased me down and asked if I had time for an interview. I did, and got a job with the engineering department. However, my background as medical support staff didn’t help me at all, and I didn’t feel like a benefit to anyone! Then a coworker mentioned something to 3ABN Radio’s general manager, Theresa Boote, and when she asked if I’d like to work there, I jumped at the chance. At first I worked with the low-power FM affiliates, but one day I was asked to record an announcement. I wanted nothing to do with that recording board, but after ten years I found myself saying, ‘Okay, teach me how to run it.’ Today I work with affiliate relations, give tours, write a column each month for 3ABN World, record announcements, direct promos and programs, and many other things. We’re all tools in God’s hands, but we’re a mission to each other. As we work for the Lord, He gets it all done!”

Angela LomacangAngela Lomacang – 3ABN Radio editor, engineer, and producer

“When I was offered a job at 3ABN Radio I was thrilled, but scared to death! I didn’t know anything about radio production, but my coworker said she’d train me, so I went right into the studio and began recording Crossroads on 3ABN Radio. Pretty soon I was adding the intros and the music, and today, I get to ask the questions and engineer my own Crossroads program! Just last week I listened to a sermon by Pastor Wintley Phipps, and it brought me to tears. I am so blessed as I work to bless others, and whatever I do, I know God is with me. You see, I’m locked in this room for ten hours at a time—just the Lord and me—and if I have a problem, we talk about it. Sometimes I hear His voice through a program I’m editing, and I know it’s just for me! I think, Wow, Lord, and then I call by husband John, and we rejoice together. Working here is so different from the secular world. I enjoy it so much, because ministry is my life.”

Michael Babb

Michael Babb – 3ABN Radio engineer

“My primary responsibilities revolve around being the engineer for 3ABN Radio and for our local station, WDQN 95.9 FM. However, the bulk of my time is actually spent working through problems our radio affiliates run into. Sometimes they go off the air, or a piece of equipment stops working properly, and I try to walk them through the troubleshooting. Much of the time I can connect with their equipment remotely, but at other times I have to try to visualize what they’re seeing as they struggle to find the words to describe things. That takes some patience, and occasionally I’m stumped. But we pray a lot, and God works things out. Of course I’m thrilled when everything gets back to working properly, but my greatest joy comes when I read that people are walking into their local Seventh-day Adventist church after listening to their local 3ABN Radio station! That makes it all worthwhile! I used to think, I can’t do this, Lord. You need someone with a little more knowledge, but apparently He wanted to use me. I’m overwhelmed He chose me, but if I’m willing to do my best, God makes things happen, regardless of my knowledge level. God gets all the credit. I’m just a tool in His hands.”


Denè Babb

Denè Babb – 3ABN Radio traffic assistant

“I work at 3ABN Radio only occasionally because I’m a freshman in college. However, several times a year they need someone to fill in, and I thought it might be fun. I love getting to put everything together in the traffic logs that outline the order the programs air, and I get to give God glory through my work. My dad works here, so they began asking me to record spots when I was about ten years old. It’s kind of funny when people recognize my voice. While I was in academy, my friends would occasionally say, ‘Denè, I heard you on the radio!’ My whole family works for 3ABN, except for my 13-year-old sister, Denielle, and we really love working for this ministry.”

Kevin Poling – 3ABN Radio editor

Kevin Poling

“I edit programs, work in traffic, and even do occasional recordings, but most of my responsibility is making sure the audio quality is up to par. I’ve been working my way up, and eventually I’d like to learn engineering, since I really like working with machines and computers. I started working for 3ABN when I was 16, and still work part-time in Master Control, as well as on camera. Now I’m almost 22, and I’m looking at different career options. I really like 3ABN Radio. It feels like a small family here, and although I face a few challenges, it’s much easier, because I have people around me I really enjoy.”

~ ~ ~ ~

Jay Christian says he is so grateful for the staff he works with and the miracles of the past 14 years. “The Lord has brought such a talented group of people together, and it feels like we’re all family here. We truly have the same focus of reaching souls for Christ. As we look back on how we came here, each of us realizes we were called by God. Only He can make this network run with so few. We just have to be willing to work for Him!”           

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