3ABN Newsbreak: 3ABN Australia Updates


Mollie Steenson: Hello. I’m Mollie Steenson, and this week we have exciting news from our 3ABN Australia Production Centre. Here’s Rosemary Malkiewycz to tell us about some new programs and opportunities the Lord is providing.

Rosemary Malkiewycz: Thank you, Mollie. We’re very excited about what God has been doing at 3ABN Australia. Last year, John asked one of our volunteers, Natalee McLean, if she would work on an opening Sabbath children’s program for us.

God indeed blessed her efforts, and the series has been named “A Day With the King,” because Sabbath is our special time every week with our king, Jesus.

This series is now airing every week on 3ABN International. So if you view 3ABN outside of North America, please check the program schedule for your time zone to find out when you can watch it.

And don’t forget to look for our special mascot. There is also a daily devotional for every episode. You can download them from our new website, ADayWithTheKing.com.

The second series of programs is already being written.

Some ladies are working on our cooking and health programs, and we hope to start recording them soon. We also have other presenters who are working on new programs for us.

And then there’s radio. Dr. Barry Harker is our new radio manager, and is now producing programs for 3ABN Radio in Australia and New Zealand. Our interview program, 3ABN Now, airs every week on 3ABN International. And we’ve been blessed to receive very encouraging feedback from viewers who have enjoyed the inspiring interviews.

As we continue to produce this program, we’d like to hear from those who have a testimony of how God has brought them through difficult times — and especially where God has used 3ABN to bring them to Jesus. We’d like to hear from potential musical artists too.

God has been so good to provide us with a beautiful building, a dedicated staff and volunteers, and good equipment, which allows us to make Christ-centered programming for people around the world.

If you would like to support 3ABN’s work in Australia and New Zealand, please send your donations to:

3ABN Australia
P.O. Box 752
Morisset, New South Wales 2264

You can phone us on 02-4973-3456 (outside Australia, dial +61 2-4973-3456), or e-mail us at 3ABNAustralia@3ABN.org.

Thank you for helping us reach the lost for Jesus.

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