3ABN News: Homecoming Camp Meeting (2014-08-29)

Jill Morikone shares information on the upcoming Fall Camp Meeting with Pastor Doug Batchelor.


Hello, I’m Jill Morikone and we’re just a few weeks away from our 3ABN homecoming camp meeting which will be held from Thursday through Saturday, September 25 through 27, right here at our 3ABN worship center. What joy we feel as we welcome you, as you arrive from every corner of this country, and from some foreign countries as well. This time we will be blessed by Pastor Doug Bachelor, President and Speaker for Amazing Facts.

He’ll be sharing with us on how to survive a storm, a topic that is more relevant than ever. Jesus used the example of a storm at the end of the “Sermon on the Mount”. And using this powerful image, He indicated that all mankind will fall into two groups represented by the wise man and the foolish man. The wise man hears his words and survives, but the foolish man hears his words and does not heed them, ultimately losing his life.

Remember the storm comes to both the wise and the foolish. We will all have to decide our own fate. Pastor Doug will also take a look at some of the storms recorded in the bible: the storm of Noah; the storm of Jonah; the storm on Galilee; and the storm of Paul. Then using these examples we’ll look at ahead to the storms forecast by the bible and the events we see today.

We’re looking forward to Pastor Doug’s sermons, but we also look forward to a very special program on Thursday night when he will be taking live bible questions from 3ABN viewers all over the world. Throughout the weekend we’ll have deeply spiritual seminars inspiring music, and delicious free meals for all those who join us in person. We’ll also have special programming for children of all ages lead by the enthusiastic students from Oakwood University’s NAPS organization, the National Association for the Prevention of Starvation.

And don’t forget, if you call and register your children, they can pick up a free kid’s camp meeting t-shirt when they get here. Just call us Monday through Thursday at 618-627-4651 and give us the names and shirt sizes. Remember, children must be between the ages of 4 and 18, and must pick up the shirts in-person here at our camp meeting. We hope to see you real soon.

If the Holy Spirit impresses you to support 3ABN’s outreach, please send your tax-deductible gifts to 3ABN, Post Office Box 220, West Frankfurt, Illinois, 62896. Thank you for keeping this ministry alive and growing. Together, we can do even more for our savior.

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