3ABN News: Fall Camp Meeting Recap (2014-10-3)


Hello, I’m Jill Morikone, and we hope you enjoyed our 3ABN Homecoming Camp Meeting with Pastor Doug Batchelor! His thoughtful sermons on “How to Survive a Storm” remind us of how important it is to stay close to Jesus as our world spins into the final events leading up to His Second Coming!
As we reviewed the great storms of the Bible, we were reminded that Jesus was with them every time—fulfilling His promise to never leave us or forsake us!

By now you’ve noticed that we’ve been focusing on the Second Coming of Jesus and the events of earth’s last days. As we see Bible prophecies fulfilled, we are compelled to share what the Bible says will come to pass—and especially about the hope we have in Jesus Christ!
This blessed hope is what motivated a new album called, “Hallelujah, Home at Last.” With songs written by Danny Shelton, Yvonne Lewis, and others, and orchestration by famed producer and arranger, Lari Goss, this inspired music was sung for the first time on the air during our 3ABN Homecoming camp meeting, and will soon be available on CD and DVD.
Listen as Danny sings, “Heaven Means Home to Me…”


And imagine the thrill of seeing Jesus in the clouds of glory!


This album will available soon in CD and DVD from 3ABN.

We praise God for all of you who share our excitement about our Lord’s Second Coming, and we thank you for your prayers and financial support! Because of you, we can continue to proclaim the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 to the whole world! If the Holy Spirit impresses you to support this ministry, please send your tax-deductible gifts to 3ABN, Post Office Box 220, West Frankfort, Illinois 62896. And may God bless you in all that you do for Him today!

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