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Hello. I’m Cari Christian, and this week I want to tell you about a new series with Pastor John Lomacang that will be coming your way during the first week of September. Nearly every month we bring you a new “Anchors of Truth” series with fresh insights into those solid truths that anchor our lives as Christians.

We know that the enemy of souls is coming and that he seeks to destroy us by any method he can devise. He fills our day-to-day lives with subtle temptations that can cause us to lose track of God’s will for us or get us to focus on ourselves.

Our Christian journey is filled with hidden and sometimes overlooked spiritual dangers that lurk in unexpected places just waiting to claim us as victims. To overlook these dangers can be as life impacting as ignoring the flashing lights and warning sounds of a railroad crossing.

The biblical account of the Israelites reminds us of our need to become aware of these spiritual pitfalls so we can avoid sharing the same fate. In fact, the author of Hebrews traces the tragedies and triumphs of Israel, calling on us to join in the preparation for spiritual survival.

During his series entitled “The Danger Zone,” Pastor Lomacang will walk us through the checklist of our final journey. His messages will challenge our comfort and restore our sense of urgency. But more importantly they will strengthen our assurance in our deliverer Jesus Christ.

Each of his sermons will present an area of danger and close with a way of deliverance. We’ll look at the danger of neglect and the danger of unbelief. We’ll consider the danger of not maturing and the danger of drawing back. And finally, we will look at the danger of refusing God. Without Him, we will be hopelessly lost.

I hope you’ll join us for this important series on 3ABN Television and Radio from September 3 through 6. The time is short on this earth, and many of us are living dangerously and may not know it.

We want to thank all of you who support this ministry, making it possible for us to bring you these live events. Your faithful prayers and financial support are making a difference to thousands every day. If the Holy Spirit impresses you to support this ministry, please send your tax-deductible gifts to 3ABN, P. O. Box 220, West Frankfort, Illinois 62896.

Thank you for all you do to help us reach the world. Together we can bring truth and salvation to millions who are still living in darkness.

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