3ABN to Launch Russian Network on Satellite

Updated 11/12/13: Three Angels Broadcasting Network will begin broadcasting 3ABN Russia via the Yamal 300 satellite on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. Israel Time (UTC+2). This inaugural broadcast will take place during a live two-hour broadcast from the Valley of Elah in Israel.

3ABN president, Jim Gilley, recently announced that 3ABN’s Russian network will soon be launched on satellite.

“As I listened to Julia Outkina’s report during our Sabbath morning camp meeting service, the Lord strongly impressed me that now was the time to move forward in faith and place 3ABN Russia on a new satellite that covers the former Soviet Union,” he says. “So I contacted the other members of our Administrative Committee, and they were in full agreement. A few minutes later, Danny Shelton announced it to the world.

“We have been available on some local stations, online, and on Roku and the new iPhone app,” he adds, “but now we’ll be able to get on cable and cover Russia with the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14!”

 A Dream is Born

3ABN Russia was born 21 years ago after a large evangelistic series by Pastor John Carter and televised by 3ABN in Russia’s third largest city, Nizhny Novgorod. This city had been a “closed city” for many years, and served as a manufacturing center for Soviet MiG jets and nuclear submarines. However, when word got out that a Christian evangelist would be holding a series on the secrets of antiquity, thousands stormed the entrances to the Sports Palace each night. At the end of the series, a massive baptism took place in the frigid waters of the Volga River. Since there was only one Seventh-day Adventist church in the city, the Carter Report ministry rented movie theaters and auditoriums all over the city for Sabbath services. However, it was very clear that these thousands of new church members needed regular places of worship.

3ABN Russia's headquarters in Nizhny Novgorod house TV and radio studios, as well as offices for local church conference officials and much more.

3ABN Russia’s headquarters in Nizhny Novgorod house TV and radio studios, two large church congregations, offices for local church conference officials, and  more. (Photo: Svetlana Christian)

Through the generous contribution of a supporter, 3ABN bought a factory that had been partially built, but abandoned some 15 years before. And as 3ABN viewers sensed the urgent need, they rallied to provide the funds to build what has been called the largest Protestant building in Russia!

Today 3ABN Russia’s headquarters house two large churches, television and radio studios, offices for local church conference leaders, and guest rooms for those who come there to record.

This beacon of light has expanded over the years to include the publishing of Bible study guides and other booklets, an interactive website, and two very active television studios that produce over 40 programs series airing on 76 full-power stations.

“From the inception of our 3ABN Russian ministry in Nizhny Novgorod, God has continued to open doors for the gospel to be shared with our Russian-speaking brothers and sisters,” says 3ABN founder, Danny Shelton. “Now, as we take this giant step of faith to launch 3ABN Russia to satellite, it will make the gospel available throughout Russia 24/7, as God continues to make His plan of salvation known to these precious souls.

“What began as 3ABN’s helping hand to provide a place for our newly converted Russian family to worship, has expanded in marvelous ways that only our mighty God could orchestrate.”

Taken By Surprise

3ABN Russia’s executive director, Julia Outkina, says she was completely surprised by the announcement. “I didn’t even suspect what Pastor Jim, Danny, and Mollie were up to, so when they announced that they had some good news for me during a live camp meeting program, I thought of several needs we have. I also thought I was big enough in my aspirations, but when they told me that 3ABN had decided to put 3ABN Russia on satellite, I couldn’t keep my tears back. Those were tears of deep satisfaction; that the Lord had highly regarded what 3ABN Russia had been doing during the 21 years of its existence. The fact that God did much more than we had expected gives me confidence that He will see it through.

3ABN Russia executive director, Julia Outkina (second from right) sheds tears of joy as 3ABN leaders announce that our Russian network will soon be launched on satellite to 200 million potential viewers. (L to R): Danny Shelton, Mollie Steenson, Julia Outkina, and Jim Gilley.

3ABN Russia executive director, Julia Outkina (second from right) sheds tears of joy as 3ABN leaders announce that our Russian network will soon be launched on satellite to 200 million potential viewers. (L to R): Danny Shelton, Mollie Steenson, Julia Outkina, and Jim Gilley. (Photo: Svetlana Christian)

“The satellite that we are considering covers 99 percent of the population of Russia—that’s a full 200 million of the 270 million Russian-speaking people in the world. Our programming is currently aired on dozens of local secular TV stations and several satellite channels. However, they only air between 10 minutes and 16 hours a week at the most. With this new satellite channel we’ll make the gospel of Jesus Christ available 24 hours a day! This is truly a long-term prayer that has been beautifully answered!

3ABN Russia produces dozens of TV series in their Nizhny Novgorod studios.

3ABN Russia produces dozens of TV series in their Nizhny Novgorod studios that air on television stations all across the former Soviet Union. (Photo: Svetlana Christian)

Julia says that their research indicates that nearly half the cable companies in Russia are willing and eager to add 3ABN Russia to their package of full-time channels. “We cover family, health, and social, issues,” she says. “We also produce programs for youth and children, as well as poetry, music, nature videos, and history—all from a biblical point of view. Russian cable TV is only now starting to develop, and most companies don’t have nearly enough original Russian content to offer their subscribers,” she continues, adding how impressed they are with 3ABN’s Bible-based programming. We can also see the Lord’s timing, since we miraculously received our broadcasting license in less than three months—a process that takes other companies several years! I’m so thankful to 3ABN, and particularly to Pastor Jim, Danny, and Mollie. I can honestly say that this was the second-best news of my life—second only to the announcement of the birth of my only grandson!”

The Blessing

3ABN vice president, Mollie Steenson shares something Danny Shelton has repeated many times throughout the years. “He says, ‘The blessing is on the Go!’ and as God opened this door for the gospel to go to all of Russia we were quick to remember how God has led us in the past. As Ellen White once wrote, ‘We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us.’ How exciting it will be when the reports start coming in of the souls who have come to Christ as the result of launching 3ABN Russia to satellite!”

We praise the Lord for His providential care, and we thank all of you who support 3ABN Russia’s growth through your prayers and financial support! Heaven alone will reveal how many people will be in God’s kingdom because you cared!

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3 Responses to “3ABN to Launch Russian Network on Satellite”

  1. Kevin Olson

    I am glad for you and what your are doing, Please be sure to practice the full reaching of ministering to the Russian people. The blessing of the Sabbath and the reality of God/Lordship of Jesus Christ is TRUE and fantastic to these open and blessed peoples God bless you fully,

  2. dina

    God is great and nothing impossible with Him…amen, amen, and amen!

  3. Lanny McCauley

    My fellow Brat E Cectra (Brothers and Sisters),
    I am so pleased that 3ABN is going on satellite. Soon if I am correct when we reach Western Africa, what God told Danny to do, will reach around the world. I always look for the positive signs of our Savior's coming to take us home. I have seen many personal and 3ABN is doing as the angel spoke of with one foot on the sand and one foot in the water. The whole world must be told then the end will come.
    Thank you,