3ABN Latino: A Month of Blessings

by Jorge Jaque

One concept we live by here at 3ABN is summarized perfectly in the phrase: “The blessing is on the ‘Go,’ ” because we always move on faith. That phrase is also repeated time and time again as we produce Spanish television programs for 3ABN Latino. We strive for excellence in our content, and that’s the reason why we are always on the lookout for new ideas and ways to carry the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14.

New Programs in Puerto Rico

During the month of September we had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico and work side-by-side with an amazing group of people at the Bella Vista Media Center, a production branch of the Bella Vista Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mayaguez. These talented men and woman had only one objective—to help us develop ideas and produce Christ-centered Spanish programming for our 3ABN Latino network.

Just look at the wide variety of programming we were able to produce in that short period:

The first was a fascinating scientific series with Seventh-day Adventist scientists entitled, Ciencia 360 (Science 360). Hosted by Dr. Efrain Velazquez, this series featured guests who shared their knowledge on everything from the evolution theory and Creation to environmental issues; from Bible archeology to carbon-14 dating and its limitations.

A second series entitled, Certeza y Convicción (Conviction and Certainty) is hosted by Pastor Abiezer Rodriguez, from the Antillean University Seventh-day Adventist Church. In this series he studies the doctrine of the Sanctuary in a very personal and candid form.

The Lord also blessed us with a number of music programs. Among them were an Easter music cantata and a Christmas concert. We praise God for his blessings as we dedicated the entire month to producing programs to His honor and glory.

(Photo: Jorge Jaque.)

A special visit from 3ABN founder Danny Shelton and Dare to Dream Network manager, Yvonne Lewis, closed out this special month. We truly were blessed by the Holy Spirit as Danny used the opportunity to share the miracles that brought Three Angels Broadcasting Network into existence. Truly He is a God of miracles!

At 3ABN Latino we praise the Lord for the marvelous privilege we have to work for Him. We continue striving for excellence in our programs, even as we look for opportunities to produce more Spanish programming and reach more souls for His kingdom.

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