3ABN International Satellite Change

Beginning June 17, 2013, 3ABN began the process of changing over to a new international satellite. This change will only affect those who view 3ABN’s International Channel on the Thaicom–5 satellite.

This change will not affect viewers in North America.

“We have already begun broadcasting on the new IS-20 C-band satellite,” says Moses Primo, 3ABN’s director of broadcasting and engineering. “If you are watching Thaicom–5’s C-band signal, you will need to adjust your dish to the new coordinates to continue enjoying 3ABN’s signal. The IS–20 coverage map is very similar to Thaicom–5, but has a very good delivery into India and Indonesia. We look forward to better serving many countries through this satellite change.”

Please note that 3ABN’s signal will continue to be broadcast on both Thaicom–5 and IS–20 until July 15. Don’t wait until the last moment to change. Please do this as soon as possible so you won’t miss a minute of 3ABN programming!

New Satellite Coordinates

Satellite: IS–20

Transponder: LM8C

Frequency: 3887 MHz

Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 2960

FEC – 3/4

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3ABN World, July 2013

6 Responses to “3ABN International Satellite Change”

  1. Daria Vrancic

    Is that a mistake in the date? Because it says 2003.

    • Michael Prewitt

      Yes, it has been edited. The correct year is 2013.

  2. Thomas Ajike

    Will the changing over a new international satellite affect us in Africa (Nigeria), we are useing INTELSSAT 7,10,K since yestaday No Signal pls help 3ABN is my family channel.

    • Michael Prewitt

      The Intelsat IS-10 satellite has been replaced with IS-20. Here are the parameter details:

      IS-20 Eastern Africa 32" dish
      – Frequency: 12,682
      – Symbol Rate: 26,657
      – F.E.C.: 2/3
      – Transponder: 34K
      – Polarity: Horizontal

    • Michael Prewitt

      I had one of the parameters wrong. It has been edited in my reply above.

  3. Aibok Kharpran

    This is good news. Now both 3abn and Hope TV (including Hope TV India) in the same satellite for us here in India.