3ABN Board Elects a New President

After seven and a half years of leadership, 3ABN president and CEO, Jim Gilley, felt it was time to retire, and on July 20, 2015, he informed 3ABN’s Administrative Committee of his decision.

Soon after, 3ABN’s board of directors met, and at that time, Jim submitted his letter of resignation. 3ABN’s board accepted his resignation with best wishes for his future.

Danny Shelton was nominated to serve as 3ABN’s president and CEO, and was elected by unanimous vote. Bruce Fjarli was also elected as the new chairman of the board.

All of us here appreciate the years of service given to 3ABN by Jim and Camille Gilley, but as Jim so eloquently said as he addressed the staff, “‘To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven,’ (Ecclesiastes 3:1) and it is time for me to step down as president.”

We hope you will join us in prayer for Jim and Camille as they move in a new direction in life.

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45 Responses to “3ABN Board Elects a New President”

  1. Terysa Lynn Marietta

    GOD bless Pastor Giley and his wife.

    • Larry Hall

      Pastor Giley; I have enjoyed your presence at 3ABN very much. You are great leader and 3ABN benefited extremely because of your leadership. I wish you the best and our Lord's blessing on you and your wife Camille in your continual journey. Larry

  2. Terysa Lynn Marietta

    GOD bless PastorGiley and his Wife.
    Walla-Walla, WA

  3. sandy

    Thank God for Jim's fine leadership @ a time when most needed. And of course Danny should continue on. I'm already praying for Danny's follower. Prayerfully Jesus will be here by that time. God bless 3ABN. Focus on going to the final 21 countries now!!!! Then the gospel will be to all the world. Love you all. . . . .

  4. Emma Clark

    We'll miss you pastor Jim and your wife , and we'll pray for more blessings to 3ABN thru the leadership of Danny Shelton . God bless !!

  5. Erling and Leona Odell

    God's blessings on the Gilleys. They have served well.

    • Lanny McCauley

      I sure agree as the programming expanded so well under Pastor Jim Gilley's and God's leadership. I ask God of all Creation to bless and help Danny take 3ABN into the last countries of the earth. That will open the way for our Savior's return.

  6. Pablo M. Bernhardt

    Jesus is coming soon, Congratulation Pastor Jim Gilley for the new challenge in 3ABN.

  7. Art Miles

    God bless Jim Gilley, and he "retires". He will be missed, but he desires retirement. I imagine he will not really retire, but continue to do God's work.

  8. Pamala Gumm

    Sad to see Jim and Camille go God bless. So happy to have Danny back and our prayers will be with 3abn that Gods blessings will continue until Jesus soon return. Thank you to everyone at 3abn for their steadfastness in continuing to proclaim the three angels message.

  9. Richard Koker

    All the best to Pastor Gilley and Camille. We are going to miss seeing you live on 3ABN Pastor Gilley. May the Lord bless in all aspects of your future.
    – Richard & Amanda

  10. Isaac Nicolao

    God is faithfully in control. 3ABN moved me straight into Pastoral Ministry. Though I am still at school, it has contributed a lot for my acceptance of God's call. This was made easy especially by 3ABN Today where different people kept on sharing how God has called them into ministry. God bless Jim and Camille for the wonderful work God has used to do. God will carry you through another phase of ministry as we prepare to meet the Lord in the air soon and very soon. Danny, I'm certain that God has appointed you at this very time. The work He started in you as a founder He wants to wrap it up NOW. 3 angels message MUST be preached to the world and Jesus will come. God bless you and the whole 3ABN team in Jesus name.

  11. Gerald Buck

    May you go with God Pastor and Mrs. Giley. God speed and blessing on your future endeavors.
    Benton Harbor, MI

  12. Joyce Ball

    God bless Pastor & Mrs Gilley on your retirement.
    God bless you Danny, have loved your ministry over the years, means so much to me.
    from Wagga Wagga NSW Australia

  13. Zita&Richard Hutchinson

    May our Lord Jesus richly bless pastor Jim Giley and his wife Cammille. You are wonderful people. We love you always. We will keep you in our prayers also.

  14. Diane Barillet

    Pastor Gilley, we wish the best upon this earth until Jesus arrives. Sorry to see you go but very thankful to God for His choosing you and your wife for this field. May He guide your steps from here on. We do love you very much. You were a good friend standing up for each of us. Thankyou for having taken our place at 3ABN. God abundantly bless you as you step down and be happy to continue in another way.

  15. Deborah

    God bless! I got used to seeing the Gilleys.
    I'll use his saying, keep on keepin' on!!

  16. Terry J Lair

    Great job and may the Lord continue to bless him and his wife. Mighty witness for Christ and our Faith. Monticello Ky

  17. Ms Charlie Hampel

    Good luck in your retirement Pastor Jim! We're going to miss you. Danny, welcome back. You'll do well because you know this position well! Thank you both for your service! I love 3ABN!

  18. Allison Harvey

    Where will you go from here? We'd love to have you come speak at the Cape Girardeau church – or up at West County SDA , or Mid Rivers. .. . just don't leave the area! We'll miss you!

    Kevin & Allison Harvey
    Cape Girardeau / St. Charles, MO.

  19. Allison Harvey

    Thanks for the work you've done to spread the 3 angels message. May God continue to bless you in your new adventure. If you need helpers, let us know! 🙂

    Kevin & Allison

  20. Janet Doseff

    Pastor Gilley, you have done a wonderful job at 3ABN. God bless you wherever you go from here. And God bless you too, Danny, as you pick up the reins again.

    Janet Doseff, Seattle, Wa

  21. Allen Ellyson

    Thank you for your many years of service, We here at the Red Bluff Ca church would love to have your family here for a visit and maybe a sermon or two. Love from your Church Family.

  22. Patricia Wiltshire

    You be surely missed Pastor Giley, I have always admired you. Go continue to bless and keep you.

  23. Gerald

    may the Lord continue with you as you take a new course in His will

  24. Mary and Ralph Baird

    Thank you for serving 3ABN, and we pray that whatever you do next will be blessed. Go with God Pastor Jim!

    • Mary and Ralph Baird

      We also want to wish God's blessing on you, Danny, that you will be led by the Spirit of God as you continue the ministry of 3ABN.

  25. Marty Dwyer

    I have always been blessed by Jim Gilley's leadership on 3ABN. His congregations over his years of being a pastor have obviously been truly blessed by his humbleness. Best wishes for Jim and Camille in their resting years awaiting Jesus' soon coming.

  26. Rosamond Farrell

    I will miss Jim very much. Both he and Camille have been a blessing. I wish them God's guidance and direction for their future.

  27. Joyce Sellers

    We will miss you both very much. God Bless you Jim and Camille in what ever you choose to do. God will continue to use you while you are still around, you can't hide and retirement is only for those who rest in the Lord. He would never let the good ones just ride off into the sunset. Seriously, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and make His face shine upon you, and give you His peace.

  28. Leslyn

    Blessings to Pastor Gilley and wife. You have served 3ABN with distinction. May you continue to bring forth fruit for the Master in which ever area He leads you. Welcome back Bro Danny

  29. Charles Thomas

    Great job Pastor Gilley. Congratulations Danny Shelton. 🙂

  30. Norma

    I enjoyed you as President of 3ABN. You did a good job. I enjoyed your sense of humor. My prayers are with you and your family. God Loves you. Your are so precious in His sight. Norma Wellman

  31. Christine

    Pastor Gilley, truly enjoyed your leadership with 3ABN, and enjoyed the Spring and Fall campmeetings. I pray God's blessings on you and sister Gilley. Hope to see you at the fall meeting.

  32. Gift Pendapo

    Thank you for serving 3ABN, and we pray that whatever you do next will be blessed. Go with God Pastor Jim! . I and my family enjoy watching 3ABN in Zambia, Central Africa.

  33. jennifer gumm

    We are so thankful for Jim Gilley and his ministry to 3ABN. We are very blessed to have Danny Shelton back, and we believe for such a time as this in earth's history. God Bless 3ABN, kip and jennifer

  34. Anthony Quire

    Thank you for your service and preaching the Everlasting Gospel and the Present Truth uncompromised Three Angels' Messages. May God continue to bless you and will pray for you in the days to come with your health.

  35. Pastor Pablo M Bernhardt, D Min.

    "Guide our daily path to the way of peace and blessing. Let us all, in same way, be an instrumentos of your peace. Heavenly Father, let peace reing throughout the word." Amen.

  36. Glenn Farinola

    Never before in modern times has God chosen a better man for such an important task at such a needed time as He did when He chose Jim Gilley to serve as president of 3ABN. I thank God for the service you have given to God and His Church under some of the most trying circumstances Jim. God has blessed you and Camille in so many ways. Take care of yourself. Enjoy yourself in retirement. Neither of you will be ever be forgotten. May God bless the continued work of 3ABN.

  37. Jonathan & Anita Kelly

    We love 3abn and know that it's God's TV Network for this crucial time in our history. Thank you Jim and Camille for your inspiring, uplifting, and humble deportment on 3ABN. You have been an exceptionally wonderful blessing to this ministry. God bless you both in your retirement. Thank God for Danny Shelton and the 3ABN staff as they continue evangelism until Jesus Comes.
    Hallelujah!! from Haleiwa, HI

  38. Melody Fletcher

    God bless you Pastor Gilley for your marvelous service to 3ABN and the wider Adventist community. I thoroughly enjoyed your story on how God led you to 3ABN and I trust He is leading you now. 3ABN is clearly doing God's work and He will continue to carry each of us as we prepare for Jesus' soon coming.

    • Shadreck Mutti

      Pastor Jim Gilley and your wife,
      We thank God for your leadership and service.
      May God continue to bless Danny Shelton and the 3ABN staff as they continue to serve Him.
      Shadreck Mutti