3ABN Appoints Three to its Board of Directors

Three Angels Broadcasting Network is happy to announce three new additions to its Board of Directors.

Brian HamiltonBrian Hamilton came to serve as 3ABN Treasurer in 2008 after nearly 22 years of pastoral, administration, human resources, and treasury responsibilities in the Michigan, Wisconsin, and Southern California Conferences of Seventh-day Adventists. During this time he oversaw several major building projects like a new cafeteria for Wisconsin Academy and a Cafeteria/Conference Center for Wisconsin’s Camp Wakonda. Born in Walla Walla, Washington, he is a graduate of Andrews University in Michigan with a BS in Business Administration and later an MDiv from the Theological Seminary.

James StevensJames Stevens brings a wealth of experience through his work in the automotive industry, as a decorated military pilot, an evangelist, and an administrator. He has served as President of the Texico Conference of Seventh-day Adventists since 1996, and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from McCormick Theological Seminar in Chicago with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. He has also conducted 46 evangelistic campaigns and baptized several thousand people. Jim and his wife Rita have been married for 44 years and have two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

Dr. Yvonne LewisDr. Yvonne Lewis has had several successful careers as a singer, author, lecturer, television personality, and naturopathic doctor. She spent several years in the entertainment industry as a self-employed background and jingle singer. She co-hosted the Praise the Lord show on Trinity Broadcasting Network , performed on The David Letterman Show, The Tonight Show, and Saturday Night Live, and sang on Pizza Hut, Charmin, Quaker Oats, and numerous other commercials. Her passion for health and wellness led her to earn a Master of Social Work and a Doctor of Naturopathy degree, in addition to many other degrees in alternative medicine. She also was Board certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has authored two books: Where’s the Toast? A Woman’s Guide to Managing Menopause Naturally, and Great Days: Nine Principles to Revolutionize Your Life. Interestingly, her personal convictions led her to abandon a lucrative practice in acupuncture in 2009. In 2010, she became the General Manager of 3ABN’s Dare to Dream urban network. “This has been the best job ever!” she says. “I was created to do this!”

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One Response to “3ABN Appoints Three to its Board of Directors”

  1. Edith Kiehlbauch

    I read with interest your new people that have been called by 3ABN to fill Board positions.
    Congratulations and God's blessing and protection for each and everyone.
    May the Holy Spirit enrich this mininstry and the lives of those that it touches.