3ABN App for Android Now Available on Google Play

A free 3ABN app for Android™ is now available on the Google Play™ Store app, making all of  3ABN’s television and radio streaming feeds available to millions of mobile devices and tablets.

The 3ABN app for Android features live streams for:

  • 3ABN
  • 3ABN Latino
  • 3ABN Proclaim!
  • 3ABN Dare to Dream Network
  • 3ABN Français
  • 3ABN Kids Network
  • 3ABN International
  • 3ABN Russia
  • 3ABN Radio
  • 3ABN Latino Radio
  • 3ABN Russia Radio

The 3ABN app also features buttons for program schedules, our news feed, and a contact link for support, free offers, and all the other features of 3ABN’s full website. Use of the 3ABN app requires a cellular or Wi-Fi connection (data rates may apply). This streaming service of 3ABN’s networks is provided free of charge through the generous financial support of 3ABN’s viewers and listeners who share our goal of reaching millions more with the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14!

Download the 3ABN app for Android here.

Don’t use Android? 3ABN’s app for iPhone™ and iPad™ is available on the App Store℠. See related story here.

Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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12 Responses to “3ABN App for Android Now Available on Google Play”

  1. Julie Kronbauer

    A blessed goodmorning to all. I tried downloading App for Android LG, however i got a message that said my device is not compatible for this application
    Can u please assist.

    Thank u

    Have a blessed and fulfilling Sabbath

    • Michael Prewitt

      Hi Julie. The 3ABN app requires Android 3.0 or later. If it is possible to upgrade your device to a newer version of Android, that could allow you to install the app. Otherwise you would need a newer phone.

  2. Julie Kronbauer

    My device LGE version is LG P990-V20e
    Android Version is 2.3.4

  3. A. Danielle

    I am so excited, I prayed for an android app when I say the iPhone app was available. May God continue to use 3abn to further His work. 3abn is a true blessing. Thank you for the app.

  4. Joseph Quarcoo

    Thank you for this important app. It is going to make it easier to get 3ABN programs.

  5. Karen Waterson

    I am really happy, that there is a 3abn app for android. I use it when I am not nea5r my computer or wifi. The quality of the video is superb, and being able to watch 3abn wherever I go, is fantastic. thank you for this app, as I am really enjoying it.

  6. shern

    Hi guys, it's great that you guys have developed an app for andriods. However, there are some devices, like mine and the kindle for example, that are not compatible with the Google play store. Would it be possible for you to make this app available in other app stores, such as the Amazon app store, so that people like me can get access to it. Thanks

    • Michael Prewitt

      At the moment we don't have plans to expand to other platforms, but it's possible we may add others in the future. The Kindle series, unlike the Kindle Fire, uses a different development platform. So the short explanation is that the code is incompatible with Kindle and with smartphones that are not based on Android.

  7. Sharon

    I just tried to download the app to my Android Incredible 2 phone. It says it is not compatible. Will it be available at some point? I would love to have it on my phone.
    God bless,

    • Michael Prewitt

      Yes, the HTC DROID Incredible 2 uses Android 2.2, 2.3, or 2.3.4. Our app currently requires Android 3 or higher. I will put in a request to see if we can support older Android versions.

  8. Tristan Armstrong

    Hello 3ABN
    It is truly a blessing that you guys have finally made the 3ABN App for android now, I say praise the lord, I have a problem with my tablet saying that its not compatible to using the 3ABN app, can this be resolved in any way that I can use the app? My tablet is a Nextbook 7 and the version is Android 4.0.4

    • Michael Prewitt

      Tristan, I'm not sure why it wouldn't be compatible. Could you tell me the exact error message?