3ABN Announces New Staff Appointments

3ABN has recently announced several management changes and new positions.

CA MurrayC. A. Murray

The first was the promotion of C. A. Murray to the position of general manager of the 3ABN Proclaim channel. C.A. has worked at this ministry since January 2005, when he accepted a position in 3ABN’s Marketing Department. Shortly after that, he became the producer for the network’s flagship program, 3ABN Today, and a few months later, he became the manager for the Production Department. “My goal is to make 3ABN Proclaim more present by increasing our roster of preachers,” he says. “We will also give the channel a more robust identity, since according to our statistics it enjoys the second largest audience on the network. In addition, we want to fully use the social media to share information about future live broadcasts, and we’re planning a website that will allow viewers to upload videos of talented preachers for consideration as future guests.”

Greg Morikone
Greg Morikone

C. A.’s promotion vacated the Production Department manager position, which is now filled by Greg Morikone, who has served for many years as 3ABN’s Call Center manager. Greg was hired to work in 3ABN’s studios half way through his college internship, and later worked on the road with our mobile production unit. After marrying his wife Jill, Greg came off the road and began working as 3ABN’s Print Shop supervisor before being promoted to manager of the Call Center. Under his watch, the Call Center’s technology was updated and streamlined to turn around orders much more quickly. He also was able to implement innovative ideas to keep shipping costs down. “I was so blessed by the Call Center staff’s willingness to help anywhere they were needed,” he says. “They also showed me how important it is to have interaction with those who view and listen to 3ABN.”

Jill Morikone
Jill Morikone

After spending many years teaching music to children and young adults, Greg’s wife Jill recently became the Administrative Assistant to 3ABN’s president, Jim Gilley. “I love working for Pastor Jim because he has such a heart for our workers—and for our viewers and listeners, too,” she says. “He truly values the precious people who call and write him, and makes sure they get a letter or a call to thank them. I love that, because they are the heart and soul of this ministry. Pastor Jim and his wife Camille were definitely called here, and I’m blessed to be able to work for him—as well as for the Lord.” Jill’s winning personality and deep love for the Lord are a blessing to all those who come in contact with her, and we’re happy to have her with us.

Christa Benns
Christa Benns

Upon leaving his former position, Greg expressed his confidence in the new Call Center manager, Christa Benns, who worked as assistant manager for many years. “Christa’s a hardworking, conscientious worker who has always done her best for 3ABN,” he says, “and I’m happy she’s become our new Call Center manager.” Her new assistant manager is Jonathan Babb, a young man who has worked with her, and in various positions at 3ABN, for many years. We are confident that the Lord has guided our leaders in these changes, and we look forward to what He has in store for 3ABN’s ministry in this “Year of Preparation!”

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2 Responses to “3ABN Announces New Staff Appointments”

  1. Velva Waithe

    I am happy to see these men and women who love the Lord just eager to be a part of this great ministry. May God continue to give them the vision they need to finish His work in all the world.
    God bless you and my brothers and sisters.

  2. Carl Holden

    Wow!! Great news. One of my 3ABN people, C.A. taking over Proclaim. I really like to watch and listen to Proclaim now and I'm "betting" that his Godly leadership will make it even more robust and informative

    Thanks!!! & God Bless
    Carl Holden
    Mesa, AZ