3ABN Affiliate Stations

3ABN is available on local UHF and VHF television broadcasts in various cities in the United States and around the world. Many of these have been converted to digital, and feature several 3ABN channels, including our flagship 3ABN channel, as well as 3ABN Latino, 3ABN Proclaim!, 3ABN Radio, and 3ABN’s Dare to Dream Network. Please see our UHF and VHF FAQ for technical information.

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Affiliates in the United States

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City System Channel Type
Huntsville 3ABN 17 Digital
Huntsville 3ABN 38 Analog


City System Channel Type
Delta Junction R. E. Andreassen 10 Analog
Dillingham Alaska Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists 5 Analog


City System Channel Type
Phoenix Good News TV 22.1 Digital
Yuma 3ABN 17 Digital


City System Channel Type
Bonnerdale 3ABN 27 Digital
Little Rock 3ABN 27 Digital


City System Channel Type
Bakersfield 3ABN 8 Analog
Bakersfield 3ABN 24 Digital
Chico 3ABN 15 Digital
Chico Better Life Broadcasting Network 28.1 Digital
Crescent City 3ABN 39 Digital
Fresno 3ABN 3 Analog
Fresno 3ABN 17 Digital
Fresno CNZ Communications KZMM-CD 21 Digital
Napa Valley Better Life Broadcasting Network 45.1 Digital
Palm Springs 3ABN 21 Digital
Redding Better Life Broadcasting Network 33 Analog
Sacramento Abundant Life Broadcasting 27 Digital
Sacramento Better Life Broadcasting Network 28.1 Digital
Sacramento CNZ Communications KMUM-CA 15 Analog
Salinas Living Faith Broadcasting 21 Digital
Salinas/Monterey CNZ Communications KMMD-CD 39 Digital
San Francisco CNZ Communications KMMC-LP 40 Analog
San Luis Obispo CNZ Communications KMMA-CD 41 Digital
Santa Maria CNZ Communications KQMM-CD 29 Digital
Stockton CNZ Communications KMMW-LD 28 Digital
Santa Rosa Better Life Broadcasting Network 27.1 Digital
Yreka Better Life Broadcasting Network 30 Analog


City System Channel Type
Chiefland Suncoast Broadcasting of Lafayette County 33 Analog
Jacksonville 3ABN 50 Analog
Melbourne 3ABN 32 Digital
Sarasota 3ABN 5 Analog


City System Channel Type
Summerville WKSY 21.3 Digital


City System Channel Type
Boise 3ABN 31 Analog
Bonners Ferry 3ABN 51 Digital
Payette 3ABN 17 Digital
Pocatello 3ABN 47 Digital
Sandpoint 3ABN 18 Digital


City System Channel Type
Champaign 3ABN 7 Digital
Champaign 3ABN 46.3 Digital
Johnston City 3ABN 15 Digital
Quincy 3ABN 18 Analog
Salem 3ABN 29 Digital


City System Channel Type
Auburn Raymond and Dorothy Moore Foundation, Inc. 7 Analog
Auburn Raymond and Dorothy Moore Foundation, Inc. 26 Analog
Evansville Bethel Sanitarium 23 Digital
Fort Wayne Tran Star, LLC 45 Digital


City System Channel Type
Davenport 3ABN 20 Digital


City System Channel Type
Shreveport 3ABN 42 Digital


City System Channel Type
Waterville 3ABN 41 Analog


City System Channel Type
Hagerstown 3ABN 42 Analog


City System Channel Type
Berrien Springs Good News Television 10 Digital
Cadillac 3ABN 23 Digital
Grand Rapids 3ABN 48 Analog
Saginaw 3ABN 24 Digital
Sault Ste Marie 3ABN 28 Digital


City System Channel Type
Alexandria 3ABN 44 Digital
Geneva 3ABN 48 Digital
International Falls 3ABN 38 Digital
Lake Crystal 3ABN 43 Digital
Little Falls 3ABN 18 Digital
Mankato 3ABN 43 Analog
Minneapolis 3ABN 33 Digital
Olivia 3ABN 47 Digital
Rochester 3ABN 25 Digital
Vesta 3ABN 43 Digital
Wadena 3ABN 47 Digital


City System Channel Type
Vicksburg 3ABN 26 Analog


City System Channel Type
Kansas City MO/KS 3ABN 39.2 Digital
St. Louis 3ABN 25 Digital


City System Channel Type


City System Channel Type
Lincoln 3ABN 26 Digital


City System Channel Type
Las Vegas 3ABN 43 Digital
Reno Better Life Broadcasting Network 14.5 Digital

New Mexico

City System Channel Type
Albuquerque 3ABN 38 Analog
Hobbs Hobbs Seventh-day Adventist Church 44 Digital

New York

City System Channel Type
Albany 3ABN 44 Digital
Elmira 3ABN 28 Digital

North Carolina

City System Channel Type
Asheville 3ABN 41 Analog
Charlotte 3ABN 21 Digital
Durham 3ABN 24 Digital

North Dakota

City System Channel Type
Grand Forks 3ABN 17 Analog


City System Channel Type
Lima 3ABN 23 Digital


City System Channel Type
Lawton 3ABN 38 Digital
Tulsa 3ABN 40 Digital


City System Channel Type
Ashland Better Life Broadcasting Network 18 Digital
Astoria Better Life Broadcasting Network 42 Digital
Bend Christ Loves You Broadcasting 23 Digital
Brookings 3ABN 21 Digital
Canyonville 3ABN 21 Digital
Cave Junction Better Life Broadcasting Network 30 Digital
Christmas Valley 3ABN 17 Digital
Coos Bay Better Life Broadcasting Network 44 Digital
Eugene Better Life Broadcasting Network 53 Digital
Florence 3ABN 48 Digital
Glide 3ABN 34 Digital
Grants Pass Better Life Broadcasting Network 22 Digital
Grants Pass Better Life Broadcasting Network 47 Digital
Grants Pass Better Life Broadcasting Network 30 Digital
Hermiston 3ABN 48 Digital
John Day 3ABN 8 Analog
John Day 3ABN 15 Digital
Klamath Falls Better Life Broadcasting Network 30 Digital
Lakeview 3ABN 31 Digital
Medford Better Life Broadcasting Network 23 Digital
Medford Better Life Broadcasting Network 30 Digital
Merlin Better Life Broadcasting Network 33 Digital
Portland Better Life Broadcasting Network 36 Digital
Rogue River Better Life Broadcasting Network 30 Digital
Roseburg Better Life Broadcasting Network 47 Digital
Roseburg Better Life Broadcasting Network 36 Digital
Tillamook Better Life Broadcasting Network 26 Digital


City System Channel Type
Erie 3ABN 32 Digital

Puerto Rico

City System Channel Type
Mayaguez West Puerto Rico Conference 45 Digital
San Juan 3ABN 44 Digital

South Dakota

City System Channel Type
Pierre 3ABN 34 Digital


City System Channel Type
Chattanooga 3ABN 26 Digital
Collegedale 3ABN 30 Analog
Knoxville 3ABN 14 Digital
Memphis 3ABN 42 Digital
Nashville 3ABN 34 Analog
Riceville 3ABN 36 Analog


City System Channel Type
Amarillo 3ABN 17 Digital
Austin CNZ Communications KGBS-CA 32 Analog
Houston 3ABN 15.3 Digital
Houston 3ABN Latino 15.4 Digital
Midland 3ABN 40 Analog
Mineral Wells 3ABN 46.2 Digital
Mineral Wells 3ABN Latino 46.3 Digital
Mineral Wells 3ABN Radio 46.5 Digital
San Antonio 3ABN 27 Digital
Stephenville 3ABN K27LU-D 26.2 Digital
Stephenville 3ABN Latino K27LU-D 26.3 Digital
Stephenville 3ABN Radio K27LU-D 26.5 Digital
Texarkana 3ABN 41 Digital
Tyler 3ABN 25 Digital


City System Channel Type
Provo 3ABN 43 Analog
Salt Lake City Christian Life Broadcasting 26 Digital


City System Channel Type
Windsor 3ABN 28 Digital


City System Channel Type
Brewster 3ABN 21 Digital
Clarkston Upper Columbia Media Assoication 49 Digital
Ellensburg 3ABN 25 Digital
Moses Lake 3ABN 39 Digital
Omak 3ABN 26 Digital
Pateros 3ABN 41 Digital
Prosser 3ABN 23 Digital
Richland 3ABN 54 Digital
Seattle 3ABN 8 Digital
Spokane He’s Alive Broadcasing Association 39 Digital
Walla Walla 3ABN 33 Digital
Wenatchee 3ABN 36 Digital
Yakima 3ABN 51 Digital


City System Channel Type
Green Bay 3ABN 30 Analog
Madison 3ABN 23 Digital
Minocqua 3ABN 2 Analog