Kids Crafts – Yarn Vase


Here’s a great little craft that anyone can enjoy making and using! All you need is some yarn, some craft glue, and a little glass jar. Check it out! Use your imagination. Have fun!

What you Need

    • a clean glass jar (tall or short, any will do)
    • craft glue
    • water
    • medium paintbrush
    • colorful yarn

      What you do

        1. Find a clean glass jar, and peel off the label.
        2. Paint on craft glue to the jar.
        3. Beginning at the bottom, wrap the yarn around the jar—all the way to the top.
          If glue isn’t tacky enough towards the end, paint a little more on, but not enough to make the wool soggy.

          This craft makes a great pen jar, or vase for flowers! You can even plant something in it if you wish. Use your imagination. Make several, and give them away as gifts!

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