Kids Crafts – Topsy-Turvy Terrarium


Here’s a wonderful idea for growing a beautiful plant all year long! It’s easy to make, and doesn’t take a lot to water and keep looking great. Be sure to follow instructions carefully—and don’t overwater your plant, since most of the water stays in the jar. Enjoy!

What you Need

    • Canning jar (or any jar with a screw on lid)
    • Small plants


        • Moss
        • Trinkets or small collected objects

          What you do

            1. Clean and dry the jar. If you use soap or glass cleaner, be sure it’s completely dry before you use it.
            2. Spread some newspapers on your working surface (just in case), then place the jar lid down with screw threads facing up. Be sure the center disk is in place.
            3. Make sure the soil around your plant roots is moist before you remove it from its container. If it’s in a cell pack, just squeeze the bottom to push the plant up and out.
            4. Check to see if the plant is root bound. If so, rough them up a bit by tearing them a bit at the bottom.
            5. Squeeze the root ball and then place it on the jar lid. Make sure the soil is mounded, but fits into the center of the lid and doesn’t overflow. If you have some moss, press it around the dirt to give it a pretty green look.
            6. Carefully lower the jar over onto the lid, making sure you don’t hurt or crush any of the leaves or branches. Rotate your jar until the threads catch
            7. Keep your terrarium out of direct sunlight, but try to give your plant bright indirect light instead. Watch your plant carefully. You may not have to water it for months, but you should check the soil from time to time to make sure it hasn’t dried out completely. If there’s too much condensation in the jar, leave it open for a few hours to dry it out some.
            8. Add a fun touch by placing pretty stones, shells, or miniature figurines. Maybe you’ve collected something special on a vacation. Use your imagination!

              Terrariums make great gifts for someone special!

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