Kids Crafts – Sammy the Soda Can Doggie

Check out this cute doggie made from a soda can! It’s fun to make and fairly easy, too!

What you Need

    • soda can
    • craft glue
    • brown and pink craft paint
    • paint brush
    • acrylic spray
    • brown and red felt scraps
    • tiny black pom-pom
    • small goggly eyes
    • scissors

      What you do

        1. Remove the tab from the can.
        2. Squeeze the can in half, then bend the top one direction and the bottom the other.
        3. Step on the can to flatten it. You may need an adult to step on it so it’s really flat! (You may need to have several cans on hand, since they don’t always bend the way you want them to).
        4. Paint your can brown with your craft paints. You may need to give it several coats, waiting for the paint to dry between coats.
        5. Paint the inside of the hole pink. This is your doggie’s mouth.
        6. Cut out a piece of red felt and glue it to his mouth so that it hangs out.
        7. Cut out two pieces of brown felt for your doggie’s ears. Glue them to the to of the can for “ears.”
        8. Glue two googly eyes to the can.
        9. Glue the pom-pom just over his mouth and you’re done!
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