Kids Crafts – Pretty Pumpkins


Hey kids, check out these Pretty Pumpkins! They’re super easy to make and you can “dress them up” any way you want! Use your imagination!

What you Need

    • miniature or small pumpkins
    • white glue
    • brush
    • newspaper
    • glitter (red and gold work well, but you can use any color)

      What you do

        1. Spread the newspaper and place the pumpkin on it.
        2. Smear a generous portion of glue by the stem and use your brush to shape it down the sides.
        3. If you’re using two colors of glitter, mix them together, then sprinkle them generously on the glue.
        4. Wait several hours until the glue is completely dry. Be very careful not to spread glitter everywhere when throwing the newspaper out! (Mom probably won’t appreciate trying to get glitter off the floor!)
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