Kids Crafts – Pinhole Suncatcher

Who would ever think you could make such a colorful suncatcher with cardstock and a pushpin? Check out this cool craft, and use your imagination! And be sure to thank God for providing us with the wonderful warmth and light of the sun!

What you Need

    • yellow card stock (even yellow construction paper should work)
    • a piece of corrugated cardboard
    • a pushpin
    • some thread

      What you do

        1. Draw a sun shape on a piece of yellow or orange cardstock (you can also paint it, if you only have white card stock).
        2. Cut out the shape, and place it on your piece of cardboard.
        3. Using a pushpin, create designs in your sun by piercing the paper in straight lines or designs (use your imagination).
        4. Loop a piece of thread through one of the holes and hang it up in a window for a delightful and bright suncatcher!
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