Kids Crafts – Nativity Craft

The most beautiful story in the Bible has to be the story of the birth of Jesus in a manger. And this month we have a wonderful and easy craft for you!

What you Need

    • popsicle sticks
    • acrylic paints (in several colors)
    • paint brush
    • fine-tipped black marker
    • hot glue (or craft glue)
    • scissors


        • small pieces of straw (optional)
        • small piece of paper
        • glitter

          What you do

            1. Paint five popsicle sticks brown. These will be used for the stable. Allow sticks to completely dry.
            2. Cut about 1/3 off two of the sticks (these will be the side walls of the stable).
            3. Cut one stick in half, then paint the rounded end with colors to represent Mary. Paint the other rounded half to represent Joseph.
            4. Cut a third off another stick to represent the Baby Jesus. Paint on His swaddling clothes with white or light-colored paint.
            5. When the paint is dry, draw eyes and mouths on Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus.
            6. Take another third of a stick and paint it brown. This will be used for the manger.
            7. When the paint is dry, cut it lengthwise to make two thinner sticks. Glue them together to form an X. This will be the manger. Glue on the small pieces of straw for hay.
            8. Assemble your Nativity scene, and glue in Mary, Joseph, the manger, and Baby Jesus.
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              1. mariacarter

                this craft looks really beautiful i love it…………………………………………… niceeeeeee