Kids Crafts – Lava Bottle

Ever wonder how those Lava Lamps work? Well, here’s a version that uses just a few things you probably already have around the house—and no electricity! But since there’s some oil and food coloring involved, be sure to have an adult help you!

What you Need

    • empty water bottle (preferably glass)
    • vegetable oil
    • food coloring
    • Alka Seltzer tablets

      What you do

        1. Peel off any labels, and then fill the water bottle a little more than half full with vegetable oil.
        2. Fill the bottle with water, leaving about an inch at the top.
        3. Add 10 drops or so of your favorite shade of food coloring.
        4. Take an Alka Seltzer tablet and break it into four pieces.
        5. Drop one piece of Alka Seltzer and watch the “lava” bubbles float up!
        6. Be sure to leave the cap off.
        7. NOTE: While you can drop other pieces of Alka Seltzer in, make sure one is used up before you do so, or the mixture will become cloudy! Solution can be used over again many times.
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