Kids Crafts – Kindness Jar


Hey kids, do you remember how good you felt when you did something for someone else… just because you wanted to? God rewards us with good feelings when we are thoughtful and kind to others, and this month we have an awesome craft that will help give you lots of ideas!

What you Need

    • Wide mouth glass jar
    • Small piece of ribbon
    • Package of wooden tongue depressors
    • Pen
    • Sticker label (optional)
    • Marker (optional)

      What you do

        1. Prepare your Kindness Jar by tying a strip of ribbon into a nice bow around the mouth of the jar.
        2. If you’d like to add a label, you can call it your Kindness Jar, or even Random Acts of Kindness, (or anything you like).
        3. Write ideas of what you can do for others on each of the sticks, then put them in the jar. You can write two ideas—one on each side—if you want. Click here for a list of ideas to choose from, and be sure to add some of your own.
        4. Pull out a stick every day and try to practice a random act of kindness! (It’s even better if you can do it anonymously).
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