Kids Crafts – Jolly Jellies


Have you ever made a glow-in-the-dark jellyfish? It’s lots of fun, but you need a grownup to help you some, okay?

What you Need

    • thick paper bowls
    • white yarn
    • brightly colored acrylic paint (glow-in-the-dark paint is fun if you can find it!)
    • paintbrush
    • scissors
    • sharp pencil
    • zipper sandwich bags

      What you do

        1. Spread out newspaper so you don’t get any paint on the table, then paint your bowl inside and out. Let it dry, then add more coats of paint to make your jelly brighter!
        2. Cut a dozen pieces of white year about three feet in length, then put then in your zipper bag. Add some paint in there, then zip the bag up carefully.
        3. Now comes the fun part—just squish the paint around until the yarn is totally soaked. Add more paint if necessary. You can thin it with water, if the paint is too thick.
        4. Using more newspaper, hang your yarn up so it can dry. Be sure to hang it outdoors if you can (you don’t want paint dripping on the floor in the house)!.
        5. Poke two holes in the center of your bowl with your scissors or a sharp pencil about a half-inch apart.
        6. Cut another piece of white yarn about three feet long and thread it through the holes so the cut ends go through the bottom of the bowl.
        7. Pull slightly on the loop so you can pull your colored pieces of yarn halfway through it. These are your jelly’s “tentacles.”
        8. Pull the loop tight, and then tie a double knot on the other side of the bowl to keep all the “tentacles” in place. Flip your bowl over and pull all the tentacles together, then tie them into a single knot. This will help spread them apart when they hang. Unravel some of the tentacles so that they’re frilly, and you have the perfect jelly!
        9. If you used glow-in-the-dark acrylics, just keep the lights on for about half-an-hour, then turn the lights off, and enjoy the glow!
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