Kids Crafts – Elephant Hands


Hey kids, have your mom or dad help you with this one, since its kinda messy. Have fun!

What you Need

    • Old newspaper
    • White paper
    • Construction paper
    • Gray Tempera Paint
    • Black marker
    • Scissors
    • Glue

      What you do

        1. Spread out some newspaper (be careful not to get any paint on your mommy’s table or carpet)!
        2. Have an adult paint one of their hands with the grey paint, and then paint one of your smaller hands with it, too.
        3. Press your hand and all your fingers down onto a white sheet of paper, leaving a gray handprint.
        4. Leave it alone long enough to leave a handprint. Let it dry thoroughly, then cut them out and glue them side by side onto a sheet of construction paper. If you look at them upside down, they look like a momma elephant (the big hand) and a baby elephant (your hand).
        5. Using your magic marker, draw in their eyes, ears, toenails, and tail. You can also draw little “wrinkle” lines along the trunk (your thumbprint).
        6. Finally, draw in their elephant ears, and you’re done!
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          1. martha

            Muy lindo, me gusta mucho. (Very beautiful, I love it.)