Kids Crafts – Dried Flower Candleholder

Check out this pressed flower découpage craft! It’s easy to make, and it’s really pretty under candle glow!

What you Need

    • pressed leaves or flowers
    • clear glass candleholder, or votive candle cup
    • craft glue
    • water
    • foam brush
    • lightly colored tissue paper

      What you do

        1. Pick some pretty summer flowers and leaves (small, delicate ones work best).
        2. Dry your blossoms and leaves by pressing them between two sheets of paper towel (construction paper, or printer paper works, too), and then place them inside a large book, such as a phone book or encyclopedia.
        3. After a week or so, take out your flowers and leaves carefully.
        4. To make a découpage mixture, mix equal amounts of craft glue and water in a small container. The consistency should be little thinner than paint.
        5. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces.
        6. Using a foam brush, apply a thin layer of glue mixture all around the outside of the candleholder.
        7. Carefully arrange and stick the flowers and leaves onto the candleholder.
        8. Let it dry a bit, then carefully brush on more glue and start applying the pieces of tissue paper, making sure they overlap each other. Keep adding glue and paper until you’ve covered the entire candleholder.
        9. Let it dry thoroughly overnight, then place a votive candle inside and watch your beautiful flowers glow!
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