Kids Crafts – Dog Shark

Hey kids, check out our Dog Shark craft! It’s easy and fun!

What you Need

    • Two Styrofoam cups
    • Craft Glue
    • One sheet of white craft foam
    • One sheet of blue craft foam
    • Scissors
    • Googly eyes
    • Blue acrylic paint
    • Paintbrush

      What you do

        1. Glue the two open ends of your Styrofoam cups together to form the Dog Shark’s body. Let it dry thoroughly
        2. Spread out newspapers on your working surface (don’t get paint on the table!) then paint the Dog Shark’s body with acrylic blue paint (or your favorite color. You can also try neon colors!) Place it carefully on the newspaper until it dries
        3. Cut out a crescent moon-shaped tail out of the foam, attach it to the bottom of one of the cups with glue.
        4. Cut out half of a crescent moon shaped piece of foam for the dorsal fin, attach it with glue to the top of the Dog Shark’s body.
        5. Cut out a row of teeth out of the white foam. Glue them across your Dog Shark’s face.
        6. Glue on your Dog Shark’s googly eyes.
        7. Glue a wooden disk, button, or something flat to the bottom, so your Dog Shark will stand up.
        8. Rinse out your paintbrush, clean up the newspapers, and enjoy!
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